and forward.

March, please be good to me

My last entry was a bit big downer. I’m owning it. I’d love to be sunshine and rainbows all the time, but alas. I’m only human, and my humanness sometimes comes with gloom and pettiness and big old blahs.

All that stuff from my last entry, plus stuff I won’t disclose, has worn me OUT. My bones feel heavy and achy (which better not be the flu coming back), and my brain is like “muh?” Emotional, physical, and energetic exhaustion, and it’s only two months into 2018.


D O N E .

…but even when I’m tired, even when I think I’m D O N E, sometimes a little flame, a touch of spunk, rears its little head.

It’s March 1! A new month. A chance to wipe the slate clean {again}. It’s a month of renewal, of change, of new possibilities. Am I brave enough to embrace it? To dream, to hope?

There are things to look forward to. It’s my best friend’s birthday month (yay Rena!). It’s Charlotte’s birthday month. The Spring Equinox. LOVE, SIMON and A WRINKLE IN TIME hit cinemas.

The weather will start warming up (in theory). It’ll be my ten year anniversary of moving to Chicago. Aidan’s spring break comes at the end of the month.

🌷 SPRING!!!!!! 🌷

February and January were challenging, but I’m still here. I’m STILL HERE.

It’s time to make March my bitch.

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5 thoughts on “and forward.

  1. Dona says:

    Hey, wow I can’t believe your website is still here! I remember you from way back in 2004 or something, the name is what got me interested in Enya ;) I had a website too back then but long since abandoned it. So many websites from that time are dead so it’s really nice to see this one survived.

    anyway say happy birthday for your friend for me, and say strong!:)

  2. Hiro says:

    I’m sorry 2018 didn’t have a great start but… I hope March has been turning out much better! I recently got past my month long bout of exhaustion and burn out, and I’m hoping I’m on the mend myself!
    Hope Chi-town is getting warmer. NYC is still snowing. LOL.

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