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Well now. What a week it’s been! I had an awesome time in Chicago, what with getting engaged and all. I know, I’m a dork. I can’t stop grinning like a grinning thing when I think about it. And it comes over me at the most random times, like when I’m at Marc’s in the soap aisle.

Thanks to everyone who commented/emailed/wrote on our Facebook walls with their sincere congratulations! ♥ They really mean a lot to both of us.

Wedding planning is underway. Both moms are excited and on board. Now, we’re scoping for reasonably-priced Chicago-land venues. THAT is not an easy feat, let me tell you. We’ve also set an official date: November 01, 2008. We want to keep it very small, and it’ll be autumn-themed. I’ve also discovered The Knot. Holy cow. That site will cause me to lose a lot of sleep over the next 400 days. There is SO MUCH to see and read and look at and OMG.

Anyway, there is now wedding blog up where we both post:
I’ll post most of the wedding craziness there. Feel free to bookmark and comment there.

In a few months, it’ll be December 20th. My birthday. I know it’s going to be on a Thursday because September’s days always line up with December’s days. And now that the days are lining up, I know it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. In an abstract sort of way, of course. I want to get Aidan a digital camera, and tons of little things. I love to watch him open presents. He’s soooo freaking cute. My mom’s already planning a boatload of stuff for him. I haven’t had to buy clothes for Aidan in about 18 months because my mom buys him so many outfits.

Speaking of Aidan, that little booger started preschool Monday! He’d started going to a small school in Pataskala in the summer, but Chris (zenosidal) got a job in Westerville, so he moved Aidan to a school that is closer (and frankly, nicer). He’s going to a Goddard school, and yesterday he told me all about it. He told me what his dad packs in his Spiderman lunchbox (the lunchbox that matches the backpack my mom got him), the kinds of activities he did, and about his new friend Dylan. He also told me that he’s a very good boy in school, which I believe. His progress sheet is so cute! It outlines all the things they did during the day. For example, yesterday, they played restaurant, they painted a picture with lollipops, and listened to a story about lollipops. They’re doing the five senses now, and Aidan told me he tasted something salty and something sweet. He wouldn’t try the lemon. I cannot wait to see what else he learns at this school! They’re teaching them so much, and he said he likes the way the teachers talk to him. They have nice voices, he says. Awwwww. I’m glad he’s enjoying school.

I’m very tired. Getting to bed before midnight has not been happening lately. I think I should get off the computer at about 9pm and take a bath in lavender, then read myself to sleep. That way, I can be asleep by 10:30pm at the latest. Because I am SO TIRED during the day and that’s not good. My body definitely prefers the night to the day.

Big Brother 8 has ended and Evel Dick has won. There was a lot of talk about the game being rigged so the Donatos would go to the final 2. Hmm. Strange things. My loyalties switched throughout the season, as they always do, but I would have loved to see Jameka take home the $500,000. Some episodes were crazy, I mean, what was UP with ED burning Jen? Then again, she was pretty dumb to keep trying to grab a lit cigarette from a man who didn’t like her. And the endurance part of the last HOH competition. Standing under FREEZING water for hours. Nice. I don’t think I’d have lasted ten minutes, but then again, I guess being fueled by the thought of $500,000 is a good motivator. I don’t know, this was one of the weirdest seasons. I missed a few seasons (I didn’t watch 1, 4, 5, or 6), but out of the ones I watched, this one had the weirdest set of people. My favorite all time player though, will always be Dr. Will. He was just sooo entertaining to watch. I’d love if they put BB2 on DVD.

When Big Brother 9 starts, I’ll either be living in Chicago, or getting ready to move there!

That’s all for now. ‘Til next time.

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OMGHAHA Big Brother FTW!!!

Oh man, oh man, oh man. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

The drama is going down tonight!!! I LOVE IT!!

It’s JENsational. Oh wow, did I just do that?

There are rumors that Jen is here on behalf of Chilltown. CHILL-freakin-TOWN. There is only one Chilltown. I don’t want Jen to be a part of it.

*misses Dr. Will*

Seriously, there is this drinking game. Every time Jen says “I” you’re to take a drink. If I were playing, I’d be SO DRUNK right now…….

FTR, I am on Team Daniele. For now, anyway.

Time for the veto competition. I already know who gets it, but I hope more drama occurs.

ETA: Man, I hate it when I like both of the people on the block. :(

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Big Brother 8

Man. I swear, I’ve had the hardest time trying to figure out when the new Big Brother starts. Looks like it starts tomorrow evening. I hope my TV gets CBS in decently….

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Big Brother

I know I’m a day late, but WHAT IN THE FRESH FUCK HAPPENED????

The worst possible person EVER to get Head of Household is BACK in that room? NO FAIR.

*stomps stomps stomps*

It’s really not fair.

Shit. Erika and Dani are up. I like them both. Erika is part of CHILLTOWN, and y’all know how I love me some Chilltown. Dani is just funny to watch, and she looked so pretty in her dress the one day.

Will and Boogie are still safe–this is a good thing. I love Will’s shirt, the one that says “I’m probably lying.”

But GAH. WHY Janelle? HoH, again?????

I am interested in the new power, and if they have a veto competition, I wonder who’ll get it, and if that person will take anyone off the block. I guess we’ll see.

Ahh. Big Brother All Stars.

ETA: Spoilerish

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