Quickie Picture Post

Tony, Holly, Me
Tony, Holly, Me (looking like a dorkola)

Friday night, a bunch of people went to Damon’s to celebrate Holly’s 29th birthday. It was a lot of fun. I got to see Tony, who I don’t get to hang with often enough at all, and Holly’s mom was there. She shared her steak with me. Our favorite quote of the night was “…about that.” Good times.

Before that, though, Aidan had a good time discovering the world of Barbie:

Aidan Playing!

And I discovered a pretty flower blooming in the yard:


That’s all for now. Ohio State Fair post coming up next! :D

Happy! (Pictures)

It’s Friday! :) It’s Payday! I’m smiling! YAY! ♥

I had my year-end review yesterday. You know how I freak out over those, but it went really well. There were some “needs developments” but they were because I was/am new, not because I was/am BAD. Which is great because I love my job, I love what I do, I love the people I work with. She told me to keep doing what I’m doing. But I want to be even better.

So, I mentioned that the aquatic dwellers in my house have a new home. I waited for all the dust to settle before I took pictures, and this morning, the tank was crystal clear. Here it is:

I’m very happy with it. I just need to clean the dang house (we had to rearrange some furniture to accommodate the tank and stand), and I’ll be even happier!

Yes, the house is once again a fall-down mess. Chris said he’ll help clean this weekend, but he’s sick (has what Aidan had), and I know it takes about four days to cycle through the system. I’m going to get Aidan to pick up his stuff because seriously, it’s everywhere. He needs to learn to pick up everything before he goes to bed.

Parenting is HARD. The biggest challenge is trying to maintain consistency. Some nights, I’m just too tired to follow through, although that is easier than trying to establish routines. So yeah. I don’t want Aidan to grow up a spoiled hoodlum, so I do my best. I just worry that my best isn’t always good enough.

It’s raining outside now. Warm, but rainy. Welcome to Spring in Ohio.

Randomly, here is a pic of my beautiful friend Libby and me. :D

Aren’t we cute?

I am hungry, and I think I’m going to buy a grilled ham and cheese sammich for lunch. :x Hey, I’ll have to go off them soon enough, so I might as well enjoy it now, huh? *sigh* That’s going to be hard, but maybe not so much. If I take my lunch every day, it will be less tempting to buy. In theory anyway.

Things to do:

· schedule an eye appointment
· refill meds
· get ahold of the Smashing Pumpkins song that talkes about being in a rage and being a rat in a cage
· set April writing goals
· pay bills
· attempt to reduce the volume of emails in my AOL inbox (I haven’t even checked my other accounts lately!)

Time to eat lunch!!! :D

‘Til next time….

Hello, Mr. Laptop II

Aimzy, you are in my prayers times a million. <3

When I got home from work, I checked the answering machine. There was a message from Best Buy telling me that I’d qualified for a new laptop per the service plan I’d purchased. I rushed right back out the door and headed to Best Buy. I ended up getting a Gateway computer that is so much like my old one it’s scary, only this one is a Pentium 4 with a DVD burner and a 6-in-1 media reader. This one also has a much better screen. No complaints.

My old laptop will be trashed. It kind of sucks because there was some music on it that I couldn’t get off, but I’ll be okay. Most of the stuff on there was replaceable, and the most vitals things were burned to CD and transfered to my desktop computer already. Again, can’t complain too much. I have a brand new laptop that’s better than my old one. :) Dude, this one plays Sims 2 really well, YAY!

I’m slowly getting over being sick. I went back to work on Thursday and it really wasn’t bad at all. Thank God for people who take up the slack for me. All I really have to do is a buttload of filing.

My left ear feels like it’s completely stuffed with cotton. I’m not sure how to get rid of that. I’ve tried the holding my nose and blowing trick–no luck. Maybe I’ll just lie on it and hope whatever is in there will pop or something. I feel like I’m a million miles away because I can’t hear that well!

Bizzy, Kyle, and Craig came over tonight/last night. It was fun. Chris made pizza, Craig brought me Reese’s Pieces, and we watched Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Prince of Egypt. I wanted to watch some Food Network but was voted down, but Golden Girls was seriously considered by almost everyone. I also played The Sims–it had been a while. I start to get frustrated after a while, so I didn’t play for too long, not like I used to.

Overall, I’m feeling okay. I can’t believe Christmas is in eight days. I’m still not completely done shopping yet! There isn’t much more to do, and almost all of the gifts are wrapped. I still have to wrap my stepfather’s gifts and one of my sister’s needs a huge gift bag. Not sure when I’ll do that–I defintely don’t want to do it over the weekend. We’ll see, though.


Reese’s Pieces

Today is one of those days that I feel like writing a lot. And about anything and everything. So get ready.

To start off…



I had a busy week! That’s good but tiring too. And I got very little writing done. That’s bad.

I spent yesterday evening with Kelle Belle itskels. It was so much fun. She is seriously hot. Like, HAWT. Honestly, she looked really pretty.

A bunch of us had dinner together at Max & Erma’s: Kelle Belle, her husband Al and daughter Ari, Chris, Aidan, Rob, and I. Kelle Belle had forgotten her glasses and could barely read the menu. That was comical. Good times, though.

Poor Aidan had another nightmare. :( He was screaming in terror “Daddy [insert indecipherable word here]!!!” I think something bad was happening to Chris in Aidan’s dream. Poor little guy. I hate when he has those things.

Speaking of Aidan, I found half a chicken strip and a French fry in my purse this morning. Ew.

I “got caught” at work the other day. Getting caught means that someone is acknowledging the fact that I did a good job or something like that. :D



It’s Friday and I’m so happy! Albeit confused. I have no idea if there will be a Damascus worship tonight. I do love those so. But if there isn’t one, then I’m heading to Mike & Molly’s to play games, I think. We’ll see. The day is young (sort of). Anything can happen. I just wish someone would tell me what the banana is going on tonight as far as worship goes!!

Hmm. I suspect one of the secrets I knew has finally come to pass….

Anyway. It’s Friday, and it’s gorgeous outside. My TO DO list has all but one thing checked off on it (and that thing takes only 3 minutes to do). I’m restless and I want out of here! I want to be free for the weekend to have fun and stuff!! Oh GOSH. Time is crawling by.

Monday, they are closing part of the road I take to work. This means another 10 minutes or so tacked on to my commute. Not good. *sigh* Oh well.

I found Balderdash at Toys R Us last night. Now, I need to find Beyond Balderdash and I’ll be happy. But for now, Balderdash will do. I’m excited. Next game night, we are so playing it. Everyone is ready for a change from Scattegories.

So, it’s Friday. It’s Friday and it’s beautiful and I’m RESTLESS. I want to go HOME! I want to see all the new stuff Chris bought at Lowe’s on clearance. That fink is at Red Lobster with Craig, and I’m sitting here, ready to get out of here!!

Neither of my bosses are here. One took 1/2 day to play golf. The other is with his family. And here I sit, with one thing left to do, and hours til quitting time. WAH.

I’m not really complaining. Just hyper for some reason. Probably because of the other secret I know. :)

Move faster clock. Til I’m home for the weekend. Then SLOW TO A CRAWL. YEAH.

Til later… says the hyper one.

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