I Think I’ll Have Some Pudding Now

Last night I did what no sane person who has to work every day, reading no less, from 7:30am-4pm would do:

I went to a midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie.

Actually, it was a 12:04am showing. The midnight show was sold out. As was the 12:01am, the 12:03am, the 12:05am, the 12:06am. The 12:07am still had openings as of 6pm yesterday.

When 12:04am came and went with the screen still showing fuzzy ads, the teenagers in the theatre started getting loud. One guy yelled out “THIS IS PREPOSTERUS!” which I found hilarious. I was in my element, though, being surrounded by teens. Most adults hate them, but I’ve always gotten along well with teens. They fascinate me.

The movie started almost ten minutes late, and then we had to sit through all the previews. Blah. (Although, now I have Get Smart and The Golden Compass on my radar).

Anyway….this is cut for spoilerish info.

The Movie!

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Mad Hot Ballroom

Oh my God.

Rent, buy, beg, borrow, steal Mad Hot Ballroom ASAP!! I mean, this instant.

It is so good and inspirational. I have never seen kids so poised and suave, and yet, still kids. It’s amazing. Amazing. Fun to watch, touching in some parts, hilarious in others. Will definitely have you cheering. Every city should have a program like this. Every single one.


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Reading and Watching

I did a Bad Thing.

I signed up for Netflix.

Well, their two-week free trial, anyway. I also put a HUGE reminder to myself to cancel on January 29th so I won’t get charged. I put Covenant and High School Musical in my queue.

I watched Dogma for the first time over the weekend. To think, for some reason, I’d been against ever watching that movie because I thought there were demons in it. And there are, but they aren’t the scary kind. Not really. Anyway, I REALLY enjoyed that movie. A LOT. And Alanis Morrisette looked so pretty in it. As did Salma Hayak, who I just love. Anyway, Dogma and Clerks II are my favorite Kevin Smith movies.

(I’ve been told by two people that Rosario Dawson reminded them of me. WHOA? Do you know how freakin’ beautiful she is?????)

I also put sixteen books on reserve at the library. Four of them are ready, and I will go pick them up tomorrow. YAY for books!! Especially “free” ones. :)

Finished reading Tattoo. It was QUITE the page turner! Jennifer Lynn Barnes (jenlyn_b) has done it again. BUY IT NOW!

Melodye Shore (newport2newport) was kind enough to order me a copy of Better Than Yesterday, AND she sent it by two-day shipping! I should have it this weekend! :) Yes, I think I will read 100 new books this year, too. And I won’t lose the dang list this time.

So far, I have read:

1. Two Steps Forward – Rachel Cohn
2. Indigo Blue – Cathy Cassidy
3. Just As Long As We’re Together – Judy Blume
4. Gathering Blue – Lois Lowry
5. Tattoo – Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Granted, most of the books I read are YA, so they tend to be a lot shorter than adult books. But that happens to be my preference. Adult books take too long to get to the point for me, and they tend to have a lot of pointless filler.

I think I’ll read Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator next. :)

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I love getting stuff!

Imitation of Life and Newsies came today! WOOHOOO!!!! Plus a book I’d been wanting forever, and I got a water bottle from one of my survey places! YAY for me and YAY for packages!

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