Name: Ronica D
Nickname: Ronni
Birthday: December 20th
Birthplace: Ohio


Current mood: tired
Current music: Aerosmith
Current taste: Tim Horton’s donut hole thingys
Current hair: ponytail
Current clothes: Aeropostale shirt, jeans
Current annoyance: I want to sleeeeeep
Current smell: nothing
Current desktop picture: some pink roses (I’m at work)
Current favorite band: it will always be Aerosmith
Current book: Tara Road – Maeve Binchy
Current cd in stereo: a mix CD

=Do you=

Have a dream that keeps coming back?: usually one with a stupid tornado in it
Remember your first love?: yes
Still love him/her?: no
Read the newspaper?: online
Believe in miracles?: yes
Believe it’s possible to remain faithful forever?: I sure hope so…
Consider love a mistake?: no
Like the taste of alcohol?: certain drinks
Have a favorite candy?: whatchamacallit
Believe in astrology?: sometimes
Believe in magic?: no
Believe in God?: yes and I love Him
Have any pets: 3 cats
Have any piercing?: I’m getting my navel pierced again sometime
Hate yourself: 75% of the time, yes
Have an obsession?: writing
Have a secret crush?: tee hee. even Chris knows about my “crush” on Adam Brody. ha ha.
Have a best friend?: I heart Jen-Jen
Wish on stars?: I’ve tried it
Care about looks?: yes

=Love life=

First crush: Michael Jackson
Single or attached?: attached forever
Ever been in love?: yes
Do you believe in love at first sight?: no
Describe your ideal significant other: cute, funny, nice, smart

=Juicy stuff=

Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: no
Have you ever been intoxicated?: yes
Favorite place to be kissed?: lips & cheek
Shy to make the first move?: no


Hair: gold, a bit past my shoulders
Eyes: hazel
Height: short

=Last thing you…=

Bought: decorations for the kitchen, air fresheners for my car, and a toy for Aidan
Ate & Drank: Tim Hortons donut thingys, water
Read: Can You Keep A Secret by Sophie Kinsella
Watched on TV: The Proud Family


Club or Houseparty: House party
Beer or Cider: ugh
Drinks or Shots: drinks
Cats or Dogs: both
Single or Taken: taken
Pen or Pencil: pens
Gloves or Mittens: gloves
Food or Candy: food.
Cassette or CD: cd
Coke or Pepsi: neither
This or That: that

=Where do you…=

Eat: kitchen, my desk, bedroom
Cry: too many places. grrrrrrr.
Wish you were: los angeles

=Have you ever…=

Dated one of your best friends? yeah, then I married him.
Drank alcohol? yes
Done drugs? yes
Broken the law? every time I drive, baby
Run away from home? no
Broken a bone? no
Played Truth Or Dare? yes
Kissed someone you didn’t know? yes
Been in a fight? no
Come close to dying? yes

=What is=

The most embarrassing CD in your collection?: Milli Vanilli. actually, I’m NOT embarrassed about that. so there.
Your bedroom like?: big and messy
Your favorite thing for breakfast? bacon
Your favorite restaurant?: Morone’s Italian Villa, or Bon Vie

=Random questions=

What’s on your bedside table?: clock radio, lamp, books, eye shades, lotion
What do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night?: ramen noodles (yeah, remind me never to do that again)
What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie?: Titanic
If you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done?: tummy tuck
What is your biggest fear?: going to Hell
Do you ever have to beg?: yup
Are you a pyromaniac?: no, but my hubby is
Do you have too many love interests?: no
Do you know anyone famous?: yup, but he’s not very famous yet
Spontaneous or plain?: both
Do you know how to play poker?: a little
What do you carry with you at all times?: cell phone
How do you drive?: fast, baby
What do you miss most about being little?: nothing, really
Are you happy with your given name?: it’s okay
What color is your bedroom?: white
What was the last song you were listening to?: Cryin’ by Aerosmith
Have you ever been in a play?: yes
Do you like yourself and believe in yourself?: sometimes
Do you think you’re cute?: I’m beautiful. Dang it.
Do you spend more time with your girlfriend, boyfriend husband, or your friends?: I try to give equal time to all.

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