Day: June 10, 2004


I can’t believe I waited so long to get a Live Journal. So many of my friends have one. This is awesome. I never knew how cool this was!
Yes, I am officially a dork.
In other news, we got the SUV back today. That’s good. Since they took so long to fix it, they knocked $500 off of the deductible. That’s VERY good. But the headlights don’t work. That’s bad. So, off to the shop it goes AGAIN.
That’s BAD. We can’t survive with one car. I have tons of stuff to do Saturday.
Anyway, I’m tired. I NEED to get a shower and go to bed before the time turns to single am digits. So good night.

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From the intranet at work:

Please return temporary ID badges

Security is asking all associates to check their desks for any blue associate ID badges. Please return these badges to the main lobby desks in Plaza 1 and 3. When associates acquire these temporary-use badges, they are required to return them at the end of the day to the lobby desk.

Thanks for your cooperation.

For some reason, this is funny to me.

In other news, I’m still sick. Bah.

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My Boss Rocks

My boss is the greatest. He just told me that I don’t have to sit through three hours of presentations. Which is good because my stomach still isn’t happy with me. Neither is my pinky toe. That may be because I crashed it into the wall last night.
So, I thought that getting to bed at 1am would be sufficient. It would give me 5.5 hours of sleep. Well, guess what? I had another dream where I had a bad tummy ache, then woke up and realized the tummy ache was indeed real. At 4am. So yeah. I lost some sleep there. Boo.
We’re pretty sure the SUV is ready for pickup today. I’m just waiting to get the call from Chris so I can leave work to meet him at Avis place. Then I have to drive him to Ricart so we can get the SUV. See, this is another reason my boss is cool. I told him about that and he’s totally okay with me leaving early. AND he’s giving us pizza for lunch. And he’s taking the team to a baseball game. (But I may have to miss that because of the car.)
My boss rocks.

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