Stolen from

Cause she’s all that and a cup of cotton candy Maggie Moo’s ice cream.

make me cry:  this isn’t hard.  i’m too sensitive.  but here are some concrete ways in case you really want to know:  exclude me.  say mean things to/about me.  treat me like crap.  say very nice things to me.  love on me.  be there for me.  show me a touching movie.  pray for/with me.

inflate my ego:  tell me how pretty i am.  :)  ask about and/or compliment my writing.  ask me to hang out with you.  tell me nice things about myself.  be open with me.  sharing about yourself with me.  trust me with difficult things.

piss me off: lie to me.  treat me badly.  smoke around me.  say bad things about my son.  treat me like i need to prove myself to be worthy of you.  treat me as if you’re better than me.  lecture/scold me.  give me unsolicited advice, esp in regards to aidan.

gain my respect: treat others with kindness, love, and respect.  be loyal.  be real.  be polite.  go the extra mile.

spark my interest: be different.  be friendly.  smile.  talk about writing and/or photography with me.

make me feel all warm and fuzzy: tell me nice things about me.  :)  show me you value me.  give me things, ha ha.  HUGS!  allow me to give you hugs and presents.  call me just to chat and see how i’m feeling.  tell me that aidan is cute, then tell me he looks just like me (therefore making me cute as well).  invite me to your home.  feed me.  allow me to feed you.  visit my home.

drive me insane: tell me what to do in a condescending way.

get what you want from me: ask for it.

piss me off (part deux): be fake.  treat me like i’m stupid.

surprise me: do something i’m not expecting.  duh.  ;)

get on my shit list: treat me or someone I love like shit.

melt my heart: smile at me.

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