Lately, I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone, and doing things I never would have considered. For example, taking on a possible leadership role in Damascus. Crosstrainers. Meeting tons of new people; making new friends. Playing volleyball in a pool when I haven’t played volleyball in about 15 years, and when I don’t know how to swim. The only explanation I have is that God is working. God is moving in me. It’s amazing, really, to see the changes and growth in myself. It happens so slowly that it’s hard to notice–until I find myself doing something like playing volleyball, risking injury and getting water in my nose and eyes, and having an awesome time doing so. (Thanks again, KP, for having me over. I had a lot of fun!)

Being a MOM is a huge step out of my comfort zone every single day.
As is being a Christian/Jesus Freak.

I am being asked to take on more responsibilities at work. My role will be increasing in load. And I will be doing lots of leadership stuff. It’s exciting and SCARY. I’m not sure where I stand on challenges. But this will be a whole new world for me.

Lord knows I still struggle. I still struggle with where I am with Him. Where I am in life. Things in my life that are huge. Things from the past that are painful and trying to haunt me. I’m growing and changing. It’s how life is. We grow and we change. I hope it’s for the best, I hope it’s in a way that makes God proud of me. And if steps to that is stepping out of my comfort zone–BRING IT.

(But not all at once. Ease me into it?) :)

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