Day: June 14, 2004

Much Props to the Father of the W

I have to give George Sr. props. This is bloody awesome:

JUMPED: Former President George Bush turned 80 on Sunday and took a flying leap — twice. The 41st Chief Executive (and father of the current president) marked his birthday by skydiving 13,000 feet over his presidential library in College Point, Texas. Then he repeated the stunt. The birthday boy said he wanted to prove that just because a person turns 80 “doesn’t mean he’s out of it.”

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Hypergraphia: The driving compulsion to write; the overwhelming urge to write. Hypergraphia may compel someone to keep a voluminous journal, to jot off frequent letters to the editor, to write on toilet paper if nothing else is available, and perhaps even to compile a dictionary. Hypergraphia is the opposite of writer’s block.

So, there’s a name for it. I never knew that. :)

From: here.

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