Day: June 19, 2004


Damascus was amazing. The format was a bit different tonight. Instead of it being just like any other church service, it was more of a discussion forum. Kelly and Garth led worship with two really good songs, then we broke down into four small groups and discussed friendships and relationships. It was very good. My group consisted of Josh, Ruthie, Kim, Matt, John (with the awesome hair), Tyler, Kelly, and myself, of course. Lots of good conversation. I was disappointed when it was over. Time went so quickly!

Kelly and Garth sang one song to close us out. Poor Kelly was sick and probably didn’t feel much up to it. She managed to sound good anyway. Gosh, if I could sing half as well as she can when she’s SICK, that would be awesome!

Afterwards, there were snacks (which I indulged in, WAH), and then we played volleyball. I didn’t do so well this time. But we had fun and it was good times. Kim and I ended up talking for a long time afterwards–it was great to have that extra time with her!

I was excited to come home because another mini-gamenight was in store for us. Quincy, Lauren, Corey, Bob, David, and Craig all came over. We played Family Feud, Scattegories (I came in THIRD this time! Oh, the shame!), and Chris made some prank phone calls. Quality time, man.

I need to get to bed. Got a busy people-filled day tomorrow. :) Later!

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