So, I’m using dial-up right now because Road Runner is being pissy for some reason. I hope it’s back to normal tomorrow. AOL only gives me 5 free dial up hours. Then they charge $2.95 per hour after that. I hate not having broadband. Tonight, I was going to catch up on all my email. I’m disappointed that I can’t do it. So, those of you who read my LJ and send me email, I PROMISE I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Had a fun day Sunday. Sunday school, church, lunch with cool people. I’m always happy to help Jen H delay her Monday. I love the time with Joshua A, and Garth. Chad, Christy and her sister Aimee came too! Lunch was fun. I was glad to see Sheena there, for she is on her way to Kentucky on Tuesday. I didn’t get to know her really well, but I’ll miss her. My little boy. WOW. He went to everyone and gave them all hugs. Then I came home and CLEANED MY CLOSET. Yes, folks. My closet is CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. I’m so thrilled. I hope I can keep it that way for longer than 3 days.

So, here’s the inventory:

[x] My closet
[x] Master bedroom
[ ] Living Room (vaccuum and spot treat carpet)

Oh my goodness. I just realized that my monitor is gross. So, another thing to add to my cleaning list:

[ ] Computer Monitor

I need to go shopping. CASH ONLY shopping! Here is my list:

[ ] Air fresheners (assorted types)
[ ] Toilet paper
[ ] Light bulbs
[ ] Trash bags
[ ] Present for Kelly P.
[ ] Prescription refill
[ ] Contact solution

I think that’s all. And yeah, the monitor is driving me nuts. I really need to go to bed. Not sure why I’m not very sleepy. If I lay down, I’d probaby be out like a light, but right now, I’m fine. Sore, but fine. And clean, too. Mmm. I love baths, and I especially like the Oil of Olay bar soap. It smells so yummy and I’m so soft. :) It’s fun to be clean.

Okay, okay. I’m going to bed. :)

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