Things I Need To Do – REVISITED

So, here is the update of my list from June 9th.


1. CLEAN MY ROOM. It’s desperate. Normally, I can blame Chris for the mess, but this time it’s all me. Clothes, jewelry, shoes, books are EVERYWHERE. NOT GOOD.
Update: Room is CLEAN. Closet is clean and organized and the clothes are even rotated so winter clothes are in the back or packed away and summer clothes are in the front.

2. LAUNDRY. Let’s just say this needs to be done ASAP.

3. CLEAN OUT MY CAR. Fortunately, this is not too bad. But it could use some straightening. You know, I never understood the point of those places where you pay money to wash your own car. What is up with that? I like to hand over $15, and have 5 guys do the work for me. They vaccuum, clean the windows, even put in a fragrance.
DONE on Saturday.

4. WORK ON LONG SYNOPSIS. Yes. I need to get this done ASAP.
Long synopsis has been worked on. However, this is a standing item.

5. UPDATE ADDRESS BOOK/PALM PILOT. I just got a whole mess of phone numbers and stuff. I need to get them into something before I lose them.
Has been done. Not yet completed.

6. MAKE MORE TIME FOR GOD. Isn’t it funny. The God stuff seems to always get pushed to the bottom of the list. Pushed to the bottom of the priority-chain. That’s not cool. I need to make an effort to spend more time with Him.
Still need to do work on this one…


1. RESEARCH TOY BOXES FOR AIDAN. In Aidan’s (newly painted and arranged room), there is this cute little box. But it’s nearly not large enough for all the toys he has in there. So it’s time for him to get a toybox. BUT DO YOU KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE THOSE THINGS ARE? They cost a fortune. I told my mom I saw one for $35 and she said “That’s not bad.” What? Isn’t that a little steep? I thought. Well, she was right. Most of them are really expensive–those Little Tykes ones for example.

2. SPEND MORE TIME WITH THE CATS. I’ve been not so nice to my cats since Aidan’s been born. I’m sure some people would understand. But I miss cuddling with Lucy all the time. When she was a tiny kitten, she used to lie on my chest. I put her there all the time and she still loves to cuddle. But she’s still so young, so never sits still. And I want to spend more time with Gracie and Fi too.

3. HANG OUT WITH yoimemily and otaku_witch because they are beautiful girls, and I enjoy their company immensely.

4. CONNECT AND RECONNECT WITH PEOPLE. Time goes so quickly, and the next thing you know, it’s been four weeks since you talked to/seen/hugged certain people. I want desperately to remain connected to everyone in my life. It’s just so hard, though. I blame it on work. Work takes up so much time, who has time for a social life?

5. RESEARCH TOY COMPUTERS FOR AIDAN. He needs his own little computer desperately. One with a mouse and keyboard. One that he can tap/bang/hit and it won’t break. And is durable enough to handle the times he decides it needs to take a trip down the stairs.

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