Day: June 22, 2004


Oscar: Get out of the way! Your parents weren’t glassmakers!
Trudy: But they were troublemakers.

Grove Sister: Oh snap! Now I’ve seen some messed up stuff in my life, but this is by far the most foul!

I love The Proud Family.

I hate snitches, though. Especially sneaky ones that don’t confront me to my face, but would rather go behind my back. Seriously. Get a life.

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Razzle Dazzle & Other Assorted Junk

Today my counselor told me to get more sleep because I “don’t look so good” when I don’t get enough. But…why sleep when there is so much else going on?

I ran into Angelo today, and I spent my lunch hour with him at The Coffee Table in the Short North. It was nice to see him.

Right now, I am REALLY enjoying a “Double Chocolately Chunk” Rice Krispies Treat. Mmm. These things are so good. And you can only buy them individually, or in the variety pack. I tried to make them once. They didn’t come out too well.

So yeah. I’m really, really sleepy, and I need to go to bed early tonight. Of course, I’ve been saying that every night for the past several weeks and still end up staying up or out late. But I think I’m even beyond the help of Red Bull at this point.

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