Day: June 24, 2004

Dominos Pizza

So okay. I called Dominos from my mother-in-law’s place today. She lives not even five minutes from it, so I thought I’d pick up the pizza, take it home, and Aidan and I would have it for dinner. I told them pick-up, so I should have known something was funny when they told me 30 minutes. I just figured they were busy.

So… I went to CVS and picked up a few essentials, then headed over to Dominos. They looked confused, and said that my pizza was on its way to my house! YIPES! Luckily, Dominos is pretty close, and the guy was already on his way back to the store. They asked if I wanted to wait til it got back, or for a new one. It would have taken the same amount of time, so I said I’d wait for mine. The guy was nice and gave me a free Sprite. I could tell they felt really bad, but I thought it was funny. I told them not to worry about it. These things happen sometimes.

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A Blast From The Past

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