Day: June 28, 2004

Protected: Decision Time

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I’m still not asleep. Dang it.

So, I was doing some research about the Mickey Mouse statues for a friend. Now I’m kind of depressed. Number one, I will probably not get to see the Mickeys. The last day they are in Chicago is July 20th. I don’t think I’ll get out there before then, and they aren’t coming any closer to Ohio. Then, seeing all those Mickeys really, REALLY made me yearn to go to Disney World again. The first and last time I went was August of 2001. I had so much fun. I mean, a BLAST. Meeting Mickey, eating at the cool restaurants, the SHOPPING! I really want to go back, and soon. But everyone says to wait until Aidan is about five or so. Otherwise, it won’t be much fun for any of us. *sigh* Well, I’ll get back there someday.

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[ ] Clean house
[ ] Send out note regarding group
[ ] Email Ivy, Wendy, and the Loudens ASAP
[ ] Put away laundry
[ ] “Homework”

Okay, NOW I’m going to bed. :)

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