Day: June 29, 2004


Stolen from hunan and hiddensarah and specificintent

(I’m a thief. Ha ha.)

Two years ago, I…
1. Was pregnant with Aidan.
2. Had just found out a devastating secret.
3. Did not know 1/2 the people I know now.

One year ago, I…
1. Was still settling in my new house.
2. Had no idea what was coming.
3. Was terrified of driving.

Yesterday, I…
1. Cried. A LOT.
2. Didn’t eat well.
3. Got to talk to Jen-Jen.

Today, I…
1. Have only been awake a little over 2 hours.
2. Drove to work.
3. Laughed at The Morning Zoo.

Three items I have brand loyalty to are…
1. Prada
2. Hunt’s
3. Kool-Aid

Three songs I know all the words to are…
1. Anywhere Is – Enya
2. Split Chick – Mandy Moore
3. Toxic – Britney Spears

Top three locations I’d like to run away to are…
1. Los Angeles
2. Orlando
3. Scotland

Three people I think about on a daily basis are…
1. Aidan
2. Myself
3. no comment

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