Month: June 2004

Shopping List – Revisited

So… like the dork that I am I (not THAT kind of dork, Katie), I didn’t TAKE the list with me to the store. So, I inevitably didn’t get some things and got others instead. Here is the original list with the proper things checked off:

[x] Air fresheners (assorted types)
[x] Toilet paper
[x] Light bulbs
[x] Trash bags
[x] Present for Kelly P.
[x] Prescription refill
[ ] Contact solution

I was also supposed to get milk. Forgot that. I came home with a frisbee golf set for Chris (belated Father’s Day gift) instead. Oops.

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Posting on Borrowed Time

So, I’m using dial-up right now because Road Runner is being pissy for some reason. I hope it’s back to normal tomorrow. AOL only gives me 5 free dial up hours. Then they charge $2.95 per hour after that. I hate not having broadband. Tonight, I was going to catch up on all my email. I’m disappointed that I can’t do it. So, those of you who read my LJ and send me email, I PROMISE I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Had a fun day Sunday. Sunday school, church, lunch with cool people. I’m always happy to help Jen H delay her Monday. I love the time with Joshua A, and Garth. Chad, Christy and her sister Aimee came too! Lunch was fun. I was glad to see Sheena there, for she is on her way to Kentucky on Tuesday. I didn’t get to know her really well, but I’ll miss her. My little boy. WOW. He went to everyone and gave them all hugs. Then I came home and CLEANED MY CLOSET. Yes, folks. My closet is CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. I’m so thrilled. I hope I can keep it that way for longer than 3 days.

So, here’s the inventory:

[x] My closet
[x] Master bedroom
[ ] Living Room (vaccuum and spot treat carpet)

Oh my goodness. I just realized that my monitor is gross. So, another thing to add to my cleaning list:

[ ] Computer Monitor

I need to go shopping. CASH ONLY shopping! Here is my list:

[ ] Air fresheners (assorted types)
[ ] Toilet paper
[ ] Light bulbs
[ ] Trash bags
[ ] Present for Kelly P.
[ ] Prescription refill
[ ] Contact solution

I think that’s all. And yeah, the monitor is driving me nuts. I really need to go to bed. Not sure why I’m not very sleepy. If I lay down, I’d probaby be out like a light, but right now, I’m fine. Sore, but fine. And clean, too. Mmm. I love baths, and I especially like the Oil of Olay bar soap. It smells so yummy and I’m so soft. :) It’s fun to be clean.

Okay, okay. I’m going to bed. :)

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So tired…

Had a fun day today. I mean yesterday. Took Aidan to the doctor. He’s doing fine. Average height, and skinny. Skinny like his mama. :) The doctor told me that I’m doing a good job and to keep doing what I’m doing.
Came home and decided to clean the entire upstairs. So far:

[x] Loft
[x] Guest Room – check
[x] Aidan’s Room – check
[x] Green Bathroom – check

Then I went to Kelly’s wedding shower. I can’t believe she’s going to be my sister-in-law in fewer than 2 weeks. (This is a different Kelly than the one I mentioned in the previous entry. I’m now talking about Kelly H.)

Afterwards, I got home. Chris and Aidan were not here yet, so I decided to clean some more. I blasted Jessica Simpson’s CD, and went to town:

[x] Master Bathroom (including the water closet and soaking tub)

I didn’t get much done to the rest of the bedroom. My closet is still a fall-down mess. I don’t forsee anytime in the near future to get it taken care of, either. Oops. Hope I can rustle up something cute to wear to Sunday school and church. I’m thinking capris and a cute top. Which top is the question.

Around 6, we headed over to Chad & Christy’s for dinner. They live not even five minutes from us. That is awesome. While I was there, I checked my phone and darling Kim had left me a voicemail.

I love my friends.

Speaking of, I really need to hang out with yoimemily soon. Emily, I can hang out after 10 usually during the week. Weekends are pretty much wide open–I’ll let you know if they are not. Let’s make some plans. :)

Dinner was incredible. Chad can COOK. I mean… Yummmmm. :þ I had a hamburger with colby jack cheese, bacon, ketchup and mustard. And some yummy Italian pasta salad. Good food, good times. I look forward to hanging out with them more.

Now, I need to get to bed. But I want to post some pictures first. :) Check them out here: Randomness

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Damascus was amazing. The format was a bit different tonight. Instead of it being just like any other church service, it was more of a discussion forum. Kelly and Garth led worship with two really good songs, then we broke down into four small groups and discussed friendships and relationships. It was very good. My group consisted of Josh, Ruthie, Kim, Matt, John (with the awesome hair), Tyler, Kelly, and myself, of course. Lots of good conversation. I was disappointed when it was over. Time went so quickly!

Kelly and Garth sang one song to close us out. Poor Kelly was sick and probably didn’t feel much up to it. She managed to sound good anyway. Gosh, if I could sing half as well as she can when she’s SICK, that would be awesome!

Afterwards, there were snacks (which I indulged in, WAH), and then we played volleyball. I didn’t do so well this time. But we had fun and it was good times. Kim and I ended up talking for a long time afterwards–it was great to have that extra time with her!

I was excited to come home because another mini-gamenight was in store for us. Quincy, Lauren, Corey, Bob, David, and Craig all came over. We played Family Feud, Scattegories (I came in THIRD this time! Oh, the shame!), and Chris made some prank phone calls. Quality time, man.

I need to get to bed. Got a busy people-filled day tomorrow. :) Later!

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