1. If you admit you are a shop-a-holic, when did you become one, and what do you think caused it to happen? Do you spend money to fill a need in your life, or for another reason?
I think I became a shopaholic during college. I had credit cards, and although I SWORE I’d be responsible with them, of course I wasn’t. I realized that anytime I was upset, or wanted to celebrate, I’d “treat” myself to a little something-something.

With fashion, what are your thoughts on “projecting an image” through what you wear?
It depends on the situation. I have many different sides to me, and i want to show them all. It’s important that I look and feel attractive, though.

What is your fashion “fetish” and how many of this particular item do you have?
Purses and bags. I am not sure how many of each I have. I just love them.

Do your parents/friends/significant other understand your love for fashion and/or shopping addiction? Do they know how much you spend on certain things?
Yes, and yes.

How often do you update your wardrobe (meaning, get rid of old clothing, replace it with new stuff) or change your personal style? When was the last time you did this and what “new style” of clothing did you replace everything with?
I do it every year. I like to be trendy, yet classic. I had to do a major overhaul this year because I lost a bunch of weight. I didn’t think I’d ever be this size again, so I gave all of my smaller-sized clothes away. I had to replace everything!

Do you buy certain things because they may be considered “status symbols”? Or do you buy them for quality, comfort, etc?
I buy Prada for that reason, and also because I happen to LIKE it’s simple style.

Can you think of any celebrities whose styles you truly admire?
Eh, not really.

How are most of your expensive fashion purchases paid for? Do you save up, put everything on a credit card, or have others buy them for you?
This is where I have issues. I will go for months and months and not put a dime on a credit card, then I go crazy for a month. It’s like I lose my mind or something. Then I come to my senses, think Oh snap, then vow to do better next time. I put the cards away, pay them down, and buy stuff the old-fashioned way with cash and by saving. I’m really good about using cash/check only when I’m out of my “addicted” state of mind. It’s kind of crazy.

Do you ever feel guilty after you buy something? If so, what do you do – return the item, or get over it?
I feel guilty if I buy things I know I don’t need just because. Or if I make a large impulse buy. When I go to a store with the intention of buying one thing, but I end up with 5 things. Stuff like that. But that doesn’t happen to often. I usually buy AFTER I’ve paid all the bills and bought groceries and stuff. So, I might be broke for the next 2 weeks, but I do have my business taken care of. :) I felt guilty about my new computer because my old one, although it was going, was still functional enough, anyway. (I’m no longer feeling guilty about that). But my digital camera? Not ONE ounce of guilt. :) One of the best purchases I’ve ever made!

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