Day: July 13, 2004

To Do…

To Do (hopefully before the week is out):

[ ] clean out car
[ ] upload photos from digital cam into photo album
[ ] sort and put away laundry

To Buy (eventually):

[ ] box fan
[ ] “Wind Tunnel” fan
[ ] oscillating fan
[ ] dustbuster

Good times.

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Hot Enough?!

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Bloody hell, it’s HOT. Now, I’m not one to get hot easily (I’m usually the one freezing while everyone else is positively boiling), but even *I* am miserable in this sticky, hot, humid weather. Have a home with no air-conditioning doesn’t help. Can you believe I am actually hoping for a storm tonight, to clear the air? I’m ready for that alleged cold front that’s supposed to be coming through tonight. I can’t take much more!!!

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I’m going to Las Vegas in October!! Shh, Chris doesn’t know yet. Actually, he knew I was going, just not when. Well, Mommy called me today and told me that she and Greg are taking just ME out for my 30th birthday. Yes, I know my birthday is not until December, but they want to go when the weather is nicer and the city is not so crowded. They’re paying for my (non-stop) flight, hotel, and food. And I’m getting a massage and a pedicure. Tell me that’s not!?!?! I’ve never been further west than Chicago, so this will be exciting for me. And a welcome break from just… life. YIPPEE!! :)

Actually, I’m finding it hard to get excited because October is so far away and because Vegas just seems so… pipe-dreamish, I guess. Well, I’m sure it will be fun. Can’t wait to take lots of pictures and see the fancy stores and hotels and such. Good times should be had by all (three of us who are going).

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