Day: July 15, 2004


Bloody hell. I spent all day fighting sleep. FIGHTING IT. Almost falling asleep while driving. Falling asleep at my desk at work. So WHY, now that it’s after 1am, am I AWAKE? WIDE awake at that. Like, seriously I’ve hit a 2nd wind or something. This sucks. Lord knows I’m a night owl, but it’s a weeknight. And I have to be at work. I have 100% duty for Aidan. Chris won’t be coming home tomorrow night–he has an appointment at the sleep clinic to check out his atrocious snoring. And I have a date with a toy store to find Balderdash or Beyond Balderdash. I’m having the toughest time locating those games for purchase.

All of this means I cannot be tired tomorrow. So, I’m going to force myself to sleep if it’s the last thing I do!!!

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