It’s Friday and I’m so happy! Albeit confused. I have no idea if there will be a Damascus worship tonight. I do love those so. But if there isn’t one, then I’m heading to Mike & Molly’s to play games, I think. We’ll see. The day is young (sort of). Anything can happen. I just wish someone would tell me what the banana is going on tonight as far as worship goes!!

Hmm. I suspect one of the secrets I knew has finally come to pass….

Anyway. It’s Friday, and it’s gorgeous outside. My TO DO list has all but one thing checked off on it (and that thing takes only 3 minutes to do). I’m restless and I want out of here! I want to be free for the weekend to have fun and stuff!! Oh GOSH. Time is crawling by.

Monday, they are closing part of the road I take to work. This means another 10 minutes or so tacked on to my commute. Not good. *sigh* Oh well.

I found Balderdash at Toys R Us last night. Now, I need to find Beyond Balderdash and I’ll be happy. But for now, Balderdash will do. I’m excited. Next game night, we are so playing it. Everyone is ready for a change from Scattegories.

So, it’s Friday. It’s Friday and it’s beautiful and I’m RESTLESS. I want to go HOME! I want to see all the new stuff Chris bought at Lowe’s on clearance. That fink is at Red Lobster with Craig, and I’m sitting here, ready to get out of here!!

Neither of my bosses are here. One took 1/2 day to play golf. The other is with his family. And here I sit, with one thing left to do, and hours til quitting time. WAH.

I’m not really complaining. Just hyper for some reason. Probably because of the other secret I know. :)

Move faster clock. Til I’m home for the weekend. Then SLOW TO A CRAWL. YEAH.

Til later… says the hyper one.

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