So, my Sunday turned out to be wonderful. I missed Sunday school because Aidan didn’t get up until 10:30. And that was because I was in his room getting his clothes out of the drawer. He woke up in a good mood, though. He looked confused, though, and like he was going to whimper, but I was really cheerful and showered him with hugs and kisses and he was laughing before I knew it. :) Such a cutie!

Church was great. Pastor Jim is back, the Uzbec team is back, the Honduras Team 3 is back, and HSLT is back! I missed Katie soooo much. She looked so pretty today–all healthy and tan and glowing. It was so good to see her–I really need to hang out with her soon!! Anyway, church ran long today because people from all 3 of those groups spoke, plus we had communion. I really had to pee by the time it was over.

After church, a bunch of us went to First Watch for breakfast/lunch. They have YUMMY food. I mean WOW. :þ Then we went to a family thing and to Chad and Christy’s for dinner. We played a new game called Apples to Apples, which is really fun and cute and easy. I highly recommend it!

So now, I’m home and will be getting ready for bed shortly. However, I feel like doing this survey stolen from guess who!! , of course! ;)

~ Basics ~
Name: Ronica
Do you like your name?: It’s okay.
Do you know what your name means?: True Image
What would you like it to be?: I used to want it to be Lisa. Now, nothing else, really. I don’t think anything else fits me. Well, except maybe Tori.
Age: no comment. ;)
Age you act: 19
Age you’d like to be: 19. But with my income and house and car and stuff.
Why?: Who’d want to be older??
Sexual orientation (gay/bi/straight): straight
Sex/gender: F
Birthplace: Cleveland, OH
Nationality: American
Currently living in…: Columbus, OH
Proud of your nationality?: I wouldn’t say I’m proud… I’m just me.
What nationality would you like to be?: …
Kind of house you live in: 2250 square ft, 2 story, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, archways, loft… big and awesome, I guess. :)
Who do you live with?: Chris, Aidan, Gracie, Fi, and Lucy
Do you like the area you live in?: I do. I just wish it were closer to my church. But my neighbours are great.

~ favourites ~
colour(s): pink
food(s): spaghetti
drink(s): Kool Aid, fruit punch
place: Disneyworld
weather: 75 degrees, light breeze, mostly sunny, blue sky
season: Fall
clothes brand(s): Aeropostale
item of clothing you own: my cute panties, my Guess summer jam top, capri pants–hey, this question is unfair. I can’t possible choose!
girl’s name: Adrianna
boy’s name: Aidan
games console: Playstation 2
video game & video game character: Tetris
movie(s): no comment
swear-word/curse-word/whatever: n/a

~ least favourites ~
colour(s): brown
food(s): onions
drink(s): alcohol
place: dentist
weather: winter weather
season: winter
clothes brand(s): Abercrombie & Fitch
item of clothing you own: all the stuff from when I was losing my pregnancy weight. It’s all big and awkward. OH, and definitely my maternity clothes. Ick.
girl’s name: n/a
boy’s name: n/a
games console: n/a
video game(s): ALL the Grand Theft Autos. Trashy games….
video game character(s): n/a
movie(s): Wag the Dog
genre of movie: scary, I think. Or indie.
swear-word/curse-word/whatever: any that take the Lord’s name in vain. :(

~ music ~

favourite type of music: trance, techno, dance, rave
favourite band(s): Aerosmith, Pink Floyd
favourite song(s): Anywhere Is by Enya
favourite drummer: n/a
favourite bassist: n/a
favourite guitarist: n/a
favourite male vocalist: hmm…
favourite female vocalist: hmm…
least favourite genre of music: Rap

~ first word(s) that come to mind ~
penguin: cute
chicken: ba-KOK!
sock: cute
cabbage: yuck
walrus: tusks
gold: necklace
goat: bahhh
skull: scary
anarchy: huh?
goth: black
pink: cute
swirl: blue
aqua: water
mega: blocks
love: stuff
knife: cut
heaven: clouds
hell: fire
cow: moo
blood: red
doll: Barbie
coal: char-

So yeah. I had fun today. Sundays are usually great anyway. But you know….

I sometimes wonder WHY I go to church. Is it really to hear the message? Or is it to see my friends? I hate when I’m there and I’m restless for service to end so I can talk to this person or hug that person. That’s not a good reason to go to church. Well, maybe it is. I love the friends I’ve made there. I love the relationships I am developing and a part of. But when it distracts me from the message and worship, I get worried.

Today was one of those days. The HSLT folks were back. I’d missed last week, so I was eager to talk to my friends and catch up. It was hard not to think “Hurry up and quit yapping.” Or “Oh brother, here we go with another prayer.” I hate that. I want to be there for God. To listen to Him, for Him to talk to me. I keep hearing that it’s not about ME, it’s about God. But why would He let us enjoy things at all if it weren’t about me at all?

But then, I learned some things about myself from today’s message. See, I always have this desire to pray. According to my pastor, that desire doesn’t come from within ourselves (we’re not that good, ha ha), but rather, it comes from God. Any step we take towards God is because he’s taken a step first. Pulled us, I guess. So, I sat there, kind of in awe, wondering if it was true? Do I have this desire to pray for people, to pray to God, just to talk to Him, because He wants to talk to ME? It’s so easy to place God into this box–this far away entity that we can’t really reach or talk to. To just think this all knowing God wants to take time and listen to me, talk to me really amazes me.

You’re not there, way out there, wondering in Your great Unknown
You are here, ever near, in my heart You’ve found a home
You are living
You are breathing
I can feel Your presence
In me…

(Jaci Velasquez – You’re Not There)

I want to be close to God. I want to be 100% absolutely sold out for Him. I need to put aside my shopping, my worries, my junk, and just concentrate on Him, and on Jesus. So, I need prayers, you guys. Especially for my spending. It’s really a problem, and I think I may need help. :(

I am just amazed at how much I’ve grown over the past year. I NEVER would have seen myself being where I am. I think, if I’d gazed into a crystal ball, and saw this, I would not have believed it.

Busy week ahead. Well, not toooo busy, I guess. And busy is good, especially when it involves friends!

Schedule for Week of July 26, 2004

Monday – hang out with Amy (and possible v-ball and ice cream if I can talk her into it)
Tuesday – MMC Marathon with Kelly P (hopefully??!?!!)
Wednesday – Small group
Thursday – FREE
Friday – Life Group (hosting at my house)
Saturday – Visit Rita and Lee in Medina
Sunday – Usual church stuff

Well, I guess I’d better get to bed. Tomorrow starts a full week of work for me. Haven’t done one of those in a while! Later, gators!!!

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