Day: August 12, 2004

Raise Your Hands!

If anyone out there has flip-flop shaped tan lines on his/her feet, please say “AYE!”

(Ronni says “aye” in a little voice).

Things I have to do tomorrow/this weekend:

– Drop off school supplies at the church.
– Buy baby wash and shampoo for Aidan.
– Clean the master bathroom.

So, speaking of bathrooms…

(As posted in my AIM profile):
You know, it’s probably not a good thing to get out of the bathtub and find that the lower part of one’s body–coincidentally, the part that was immersed–is bright red.

I must have made the water too hot again.


Everyone please pray/hope/think about Chris tomorrow morning, okay? ;)

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My Fingers Hurt

A couple of nights ago, I got two guitar books. One is Guitar for Dummies, and the other is Learn to Play Guitar. They are both awesome. Guitar for Dummies has already taught me a song (Kumbaya), and Learn to Play Guitar has the most awesome chord charts and detailed instructions on how to make them. So I’ve been practicing all evening and now my fingers hurt! But it’s a good hurt. :) I’m learning guitar. I can play a song! This is most exciting!!

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