Day: August 13, 2004

Imitation of Life


Imitation of Life is on DVD??!??!?!!!!!!11oneone???////??//slash

How did I not know this?

Oh yeah, you best believe I ordered it, and got the EXPRESS shipping!!!

I LOVE that movie. I really, truly do. Susan Kohner is soo beautiful. I love her as Sara Jane Johnson.

I guess I love the movie so much because I can so relate to her struggles. I honestly think God gave me certain physical characteristics because He knew I’d have probably tried to pass if He didn’t. So, he gave me a few *key* ethnic features so that I’d never forget who I am. At first, I hated it. I HATED my big nose. Now, it doesn’t bother me so much. And I LOVE my skin color. Not because it makes me “light-skinned” or better than darker skinned people. No, I love it because it’s pretty. It’s like nougat or something. I don’t know. And I LOVE my son’s skin color even more. He’s so smooth and pretty and yummy.

But back to the subject at hand. I think my mother was really baffled as to how a girl could deny her mother and her race, and try to be white. But I had to remind her to think of the times. The movie was set in 1947, and the ORIGINAL (OH SNAP I JUST FOUND THIS – I am SO ON IT RIGHT NOW!) was made in 1934. We talked about how Blacks were treated back then, and I admitted, without the being mean to my mother part, that I’d probably try to pass too. If the White world was better, why not try to gain access?

So, I love the movie(s). They’re great. And in the one starring Lana Turner–WOW. Those dresses were out of this world. Simply beautiful!!

To the people that I interact with moreso than on the internet, if you ever see me randomly yell out “I’m white. White. WHITE,” or “Look at me. Am I not white?” please know that I’m just quoting from one of these movies. I don’t really mean it. ;)

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10 Reasons

Ten Reasons Why I Am A Dork

1. I took an intermediate level Word 2000 class today and ENJOYED it.
2. I am excited to play around with Word 2000 and try out all the new stuff I learned.
3. I can’t remember Mommy’s phone number.
4. I am home alone on a Friday night. :(
5. I ate 2 meals and 2 granola bars today and I feel like I’ve made a pig of myself.
6. I get excited about tator tots. TATOR TOTS. Can you freakin’ imagine…? (Had some and a hamburger for lunch today)

Okay, so I could only think of 6 reasons for now. You know what? Aidan is starting to say more and more words. Today, my car was making that “ding dong turn on your seatbelt, dork” sound, and Aidan starting saying it. Well, just the “ding dong” part. And he says “moon” and “mommy” and “daddy” and “me” (stands for mine or my). He also says a bunch of stuff that sounds like sentences, but only Aidan can understand them.

And I LOVE the way he smells. He always smells so yummy. I could just hold him and smell him. Unless he is poopy. But otherwise, he just smells so good. My little Aidan. :)

I also realized something as I was driving today. I’d always wanted to stop and take pictures of the leaves changing and stuff. Now, I can. ‘Cause I have my own car and if I feel like stopping, I can. Woohoo.

I have some library books due, but I can’t remember what day they are due on. I’ve become rather attached to one of them and I really don’t want to give it up, as it can’t be found in stores, but I must. Drat. I wonder if I can turn it in, and then take it out again the next day? Technically, that’s not renewing (for the 4th time)….

Alrighty. Aidan wants to go downstairs, and he asked nicely. So, for now, I’m outta here.

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