Day: August 16, 2004


I tend to freak out over money. Because I am definitely not as responsible with it as I should be. Like, right now. My checkbook figures are quite low. Let’s not talk about the savings account. But, all is not lost. My bills have been paid, and the ones that are coming up are covered as well. Federal Direct Loans granted me another forebearance with is a definite blessing. So, I just really need to take the time and make a budget. THEN STICK TO IT.

(The credit cards have been locked up, by the way).

I have everything I need. My problem is that there is so much I WANT!

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So, I just decided to see if there was a site dedicated to the Tilt-A-Whirl, and lo and behold, there is! Right here: Click me!

AND here is the site of the people who make it, and other cute rides. Clicky! There are even prices. Did you know that a used amusement park ride costs more than $60,000? I’d always wondered. And these are small rides. What about the huge ones, like that “Fireballz” one or whatever?

Well, the fair is over, and darned if I’m not craving fair pizza right now…

Ah well. I’ll have to wait til next year. Or until the fall festivals start. ;)

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Nothing like ending the day with Women’s Gymnastics. :) Go team USA! 2nd place! They will be in the team finals Tuesday! Word! :)

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