Day: August 18, 2004

Mean People Suck

So today, I was driving down Broad Street. The speed limit was 55 MPH, and the person in front of me was meandering along at 45 and there was no changing his mind. So, I saw a LONG stretch of clear road and dotted lines on the street and started to pass. This TRIPLE JERK decided to speed up, and NOT let me pass him, and I had to inch my way in between him and the oncoming car so as not to cause a triple accident. Wouldn’t it have been nicer just to a.) drive the bleeding speed limit in the first place or b.) let me go around? The guy was obviously a first-class asshole and probably wanted me to be in the accident so he could laugh. JERK!!

But in other news, here are my quotes for the day:

Monica (Lilia’s 8? year old niece in regards to her uncle Dan): He is a very rude person with bad manners.

From Howard Stern show this morning (DON’T ASK why I was listening to that):
In regards to something gross –
Man: I almost couldn’t finish my Pop-tarts and rootbeer!
Robin: I see you did, though.

So why did I have a dream that a bunch of us folks from church invaded Craig’s house (which naturally, wasn’t really his house) and his mom was there and there were 2 rooms with tables filled with food–I’m talking like THANKSGIVING spreads??? It was crazy, man. I felt bad for invading Craig’s house (unannounced) even though it was just a dream.


Speaking of freaky, my friend Tyler been online for an entire fortnight. Check this out (screen name blurred to protect his privacy):

Has anyone broken this record? I’m amazed his computer ran so long without the connection hiccuping or something like that. Of course, he doesn’t have a 19 month old running around and turning PCs on/off at random and he also doesn’t have a PC. That may have something to do with it.

Random Funny IM

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