Friday night, we had a Damascus Young Adult Gathering. It went very well. I saw my friends, and listened to some good stuff. I’m very excited about where the ministry is headed. It’s going to be amazing. I definitely feel like part of the group now. I remember when I first started, how self-conscious I felt because I didn’t fit into the 18-25 age mold they’d set. But Kelly and Tyler and Monica made me feel so welcome that first time I had lunch with them, and told me that my age didn’t matter. Then I found out that Tami and Kim were part of the group as well. WOW! This was great! So, I started attending more and more events, still fighting the voice who kept telling me I didn’t belong. That I was in a different part of life and had no reason to be around. I had to fight a lot of demons to get to where I am now. Thanks be to God, I had friends who wouldn’t give up on making me feel wanted and like I belonged. I had friends who accepted me and Aidan and Chris, and now young families are a part of this ministry. I am pretty much leading a life group (at which I’ve been slacking-oops), making more wonderful friends, and feeling intregal in that ministry. And now, the age limit has been lifted. The guidelines are 18-30ish. But the “rules” are anyone who jives with the group is welcome and they belong. That means so much to me. The name is being changed. So many new things. This ministry is going to explode. GOD IS GOING TO MOVE and it will be awesome!

So, after group, I went to Tyler’s, along with Kelly P and Garth, just to hang out. We played video games and ate cake and talked. Kelly and I painted a picture, which I forgot to bring home. So, I’ll have to get it another time, and I’ll hang it up in our loft or the guestroom! Of course, a late night means goofy people. And goofy people equal goofy quotes. So, here are the two most memorable ones of the night:

Kelly: If I were a stripper, my name would be Donkey Kong.

Tyler (after reading us this long, detailed email message in a very robotic voice): And there was not one period in there.

ETA: I just remembered another one!

Kelly (relating Tyler’s “thoughts”): work-computers-work-computers-PIZZA-work-computers

Other highlights of the night/morning:

Garth doing awesome at his first time playing the racing game.
Garth not doing so well at further attempts in the racing game.
Kelly’s sound effects during the racing game.
Kelly calling Tyler a “girly man.”
Garth and his “shut-ups.” So cute.
Watching Kelly and Tyler beat the SPECIAL level in Super Mario World on Tyler’s emulator.
Singing showtunes.
Naming other stripper names for the “Stripper Mario Bros.” club: Bowser, Toad, and YoshEE.


I didn’t get a chance to hang with Chad and Christy tonight, so I have to make it up to them since they so graciously watched Aidan for me while I was at the service. I’d planned on stopping over after hanging out, but it ran a lot later than anticipated. I am not trying to go over someone’s house at 3:35am!

Okay then. I’m tired, and I need to get to bed. Try to get a little sleep. G’night, all!!!

(I mean, good morning!)

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