Ugg. I feel like crap. Part of the reason is that I’ve caught a cold so I feel kind of drained. Another reason is that a bunch of stuff is bothering me and I feel weighed down by it. I’m kind of glad I’m alone tonight–I really need to process things and I guess just take care of me.

Tomorrow looks to be quite busy. Sunday school, which I am not sure I’ll make yet, then church, then rest before the church picnic tomorrow evening. Then back home for a night of NO RESPONSIBILITIES before work Monday.

Today was okay. After Kim and Tina left, I played on the computer, then took a nap. I talked to my mommy on the phone, then went to Walmart to pick up my prescription and to check on a bike for Aidan. I went to Best Buy and came pretty close to buying a laptop. I went in with this mindset: “If I find one under $1000, I’ll seriously consider it.” Well, I found one. But i wasn’t impressed with it, and the display looked crappy, so I didn’t get it. I did like the eMachines one a lot. The screen was HD and it had a nice touchpad with a scrolly-thingy on it. It was only $1049–only $50 above my limit. I was really considering that one. But it’s heavy (7.5 lbs) and I want something smaller. So, I walked away from that department feeling very good that I resisted. But, I still had a $5 reward zone certificate to use, so I bought some Popeye DVDs ($5.99) and a Pilates DVD ($11.99). Unfortunately, I feel so tired (emotionally and physically) that I don’t think I’ll be doing any Pilates tonight. :(

I also have to retouch my hair. I’m not wanting to do that, but it NEEDS it. NEEDS. It’s also lightening outside. The weather has been kind of poopy lately, but at least it’s cooler now. My neighborhood had a block party today, but I didn’t go. It rained on them. REALLY hard. I sat in here at my PC feeling kind of bad, but not really, because although many of the guests ran for cover, they still kept partying!

Then I went to Panera’s for dinner, and had a 1/2 roast beef sammich and chicken noodle soup. I sat outside and listened to my iPod and read. It was very pleasant, but it got very cold!

I just downloaded the beta version of Paint Shop Pro 9. I’m excited to see what it’s all about. I never bothered with 8. I was too attached to 7! But beta=free for 64 days at least, so I decided to go for it. Watch–I’ll get all attached to it, then the trial will be over, and then I’ll have to go back to using PSP 7. Or worse, buying PSP 9.

The lightening is getting brighter. I may be doing my hair tomorrow. I really wanted to do it tonight and have it DONE, but I’m not trying to be running around with wet hair during a storm.

My mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I was so close to saying a laptop, but I think I’ll tell her a gift card to Best Buy. Then I can buy the Punky Brewster and Good Times DVDs. Not that she’ll actually get it for me–she hates giving gift cards.

And a cat just puked. Nice.

I was so looking forward to this time to myself. Little did I know that this dang cold would make it a bust. Bloody hell. Figures.

Edited to add: A skunk just sprayed in the neighborhood. This is BAD NEWS for one who does not have central air conditioning. Again. Bloody.Hell. :[

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