It’s really sad when you’re a writer, A WRITER, and can’t find a blank piece of paper in the house to write a grocery list on.

Tonight, Aidan was so precious. He wanted me to stay with him til he fell asleep. He held me so tightly and touched my face; how could I resist that? He was so tired, but not tired enough to subsitute yellow teddy for me. He took his sippy cup and tried to drink milk, but couldn’t even hold it up because he was so sleepy! Poor little guy. But he’s asleep now. I <3 Aidan.

I get a peaceful night of sleep tonight. Chris is at the sleep clinic. NO SNORING. WAHOO!

Kelly P is stuck in Orlando. :( Dumb hurricane.

There are these bugs. They are way annoying. They like to flit around my monitor. I hate them.

So, okay. Here’s the thing. At Crosstrainers, they challenged the students to do a 40 day fast of…something. So, as of yesterday, I have given up McDonalds for 40 days. Those of you who have been following me for some time know how hard this will be for me. I LOVE MCDONALDS. Mmm. Chicken McNuggets and french fries and a cherry pie. Mmmm. NO, MUSTN’T CRAVE IT. 40 days. When will that be over? I think October 15th or so. Do you guys think I can do it?

(Of course, I pigged out on it Tuesday. Meep. That was my “Mardi Gras.”)

Ivy ( will be here in 22 days! IVY IVY IVY! WOOHOO!

for Aidan:
– lavendar body wash
– lavendar shampoo
– detangler
– diapers

for Me:
– guitar picks

for All:
– shower gel

Target, here I come! :D

Chris gave me a shoulder massage yesterday and I think he bruised me. It bloody HURT, and now I have tender spots. :( Then he said that I didn’t need a chiropractor, just to let him massage me. YEAH RIGHT! And kill me!!

Did you know I’m addicted to buying dental products? Well, maybe not addicted. But I am kind of obsessed. Also, did you know that I collect those mini-keychain board games?

Alright. I have 10 minutes til bedtime. I still have to finish my email to Ivy, and then shoot one off to lamplamp. I am so behind on email it’s not funny.

Did you know that Tami can dig it? She came over yesterday and hung out for a while. I didn’t want her to leave. She’s awesome.

Right then. Good night.

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