If anyone ever tells you writing is easy, you have my permission to b**** slap him or her right across the lips. It is anything but easy. I literally bleed all emotions into my manuscripts. I am drained after writing a particularly emotional scene. I feel sad when I finish a novel. My characters are my friends. :)


I never thought it would be so hard to outline a story that’s already been written. But alas. Here I am. Pulling my hair out, practically.

Still, despite all of that bellyaching up there, I love writing and dream of doing it for a (wildly successful) living.

But I digress.

I realized I have a big problem with going to the chiropractor in the mornings before work. It relaxes me so much that by 2pm, I’m ready to conk out. It feels SO GOOD. Mmmm.

I saw chickens this morning! Let me tell you, that made my day. Chickens are great. The way they walk, the noises they make. I smiled when I saw the chickens strutting across that yard. It was awesome.

So, has anyone else seen the Strongbad cartoons that are floating around on the ‘net? They’re hilarious. You should watch them. :)

Alright. I guess I’ve avoided that synopsis long enough. Back to work with me. Ciao.

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