How many people on your friends list are friends in real life? (Or I know them IRL, at least) lamplamp, bumlets66, otaku_witch, yoimemily, jebbyk, rita_lee, micahtvorst, megnita, stotheonya, savingmyjewel, onlyforhim725, live4himalways, and alexandra13.

How many people on your friends list have you met only knowing them through LJ? No one yet. I want to meet nappilyn someday. She seems fun, and I met her through LJ.

Who on your list do you feel you have the most in common with? Oh dear, I don’t know. Probably lamplamp!

Who on your list has the same writing style as you? Definitely lamplamp!

Who are the three funniest people on your friends list? itskels (with her cell phone pictures!), sylvehr, and bumlets66 (even though she doesn’t actually use LJ to post, only to see my friend’s only entries, she’s really funny in person. Honestly.)

Whose journal do you look forward to reading on a daily basis? sylvehr‘s. :)

Whose pictures do you look forward to seeing? celinedion

If you could meet anyone on your list and go out for a drink with them who would it be? celinedion, nappilyn, hypnoticx, mindmirror, starlit12, frikkinchicken, hunan, dawnmalek, goaliej54, dolphinia, itskels, succeda, and sylvehr. :)

If you could meet anyone on your friends list and go out to a concert with them who would it be? yoimemily

Who on your friends list would you want to go get a cup of coffee with? jebbyk, of course.

Who has the best icons on your friends list? celinedion fo sure!!

So yeah. I’d thought about going to Bob Evans for dinner, but then I realized that we’re having PIZZA at the life group meeting! I will be leaving shortly for that. Aidan didn’t get a nap today so I probably won’t get much done during the meeting. He fell asleep in the car on the way from his grandmother’s, but when I lay him down, he woke up and cuddled for a bit. Then he wanted to play. So now he’s playing and reading. And throwing CDs everywhere. :[ The poor thing’s exhausted, but he hasn’t discovered what a joy it is sleep yet.

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