Day: September 12, 2004

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I <3 Chad & Christy. That's all. Good night.

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Ignore this pointless entry.

Just got back from visiting my mommy in Aurora, OH. About a 2 hour 45 minute drive from here. Sometimes longer, depending on what morons we end up behind. You know the ones I’m talking about–those who insist on driving at least 10 MPH below the speed limit. %$!@

It was fun. More relaxing than usual. We didn’t run all over that part of Ohio from one place to another. We stayed in, and cooked and ate there. They had TONS of stuff for Aidan. All sorts of toys and water bottles and stuff. Adorable things that he loved. At one point, he lay down on the floor and went to sleep on his own. He very rarely takes a nap on his own accord. I relish it when he does. Plus, he looks so cute taking a blanket and lying down with this peaceful little smile on his face. :) I <3 Aidan. My stepfather is so cute. He's so excited about taking me to Vegas next month. (!!!) Today, we were looking at places to visit and putting together an outline plan of what we're going to do. I had a few key things in mind: Forum shops, breakfast buffet(s), Bellagio water show, massage & pedicure (which they are paying for!). He gave me a couple of computer games they never play, in fact, never even opened (Scrabble and Sorry), and a hat from the hotel we'll be staying in, and a clip art and fonts CD. Woohoo. More reasons to be on the computer. Yay. I took a couple of pictures; I'll post them soon. I'm tired now. I have lots to do, though. Woohoo. I'm really craving either Bob Evans, or white rice covered in gravy. Okay, I don't know why I'm fighting it. I am just going to go to bed NOW. Night!

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