Day: September 14, 2004

My Day & The Grove

My day was interesting today. I got to work, and one of the guys I support had sent me an email, asking for editing. You’d better believe I jumped at the chance. I gave him suggestions and feedback, and this afternoon, he sent me an email with a smiley face saying that he really appreciated my work, that he used EVERY ONE of my suggestions except one that needed to stay as it was. ALL of them. Then he came by to personally thank me and said I just brought a lot of work on. I told him to bring it on. I LOVE editing, and if I can do more of that, my job will be much more bearable. I think I impressed him. :)

I am hoping for more editing work to come my way. I do enjoy it and it would definitely strengthen my writing background.

Thanks to those of you who kept me in your thoughts and prayers today. I will be updating soon (but hopefully not too soon) as details unfold. :)

I love my little boy. I just can’t say it enough!

I did end up going to the grove tonight. Aidan behaved very well for 45 minutes. He got antsy after that, and to be honest, I was getting antsy as well, so I didn’t mind taking him out of the room so he could unwind. It was a very nice service. It’s hard for me to get into it when Aidan is there, though. I’m always worried he’s going to freak out and make noise or something. And he constantly needs stimulation, while being quiet and sitting still. It’s a challenge. I don’t want to miss the services, though. I love being there with my friends. Speaking of, Tina looked so pretty tonight! I took a picture of her! :) I got a HUGE hug from Abe. Christy was by my side the whole night, helping out with Aidan. I think I would have been overwhelmed had I not had her with me. <3. I can't say enough about how AWESOME she is. And Kelly P too. Ack. I don't want to name names because I don't want to leave people out! Um... this is a bit very freaky (first 2 links). Note to self: upload robots.txt file to photo album as soon as possible. Oy. Now this link is cool because I’m on that page. :) Heehee.

Years ago, I put together a website for an awesome person named Rick Klaus: I was going through it just now, and came across his Peace and Justice Quotes: Check ’em out. Good food for thought, I think.

(For some reason, LJ hates links to AOL member pages… Hmmm.)

Well, I need to go to bed. There is a NASTY bug going around at work, and people have been knocked out for days at a time. Our team is going down–actually, they ARE down and have been for days now. I don’t want to get it, so I’m going to get some rest and try to fight it before it starts. Unfortunately, a sore throat is already starting to form, and I feel tired and a bit weak. I DON’T WANT TO GET SICK!

Lastly, I’m very behind on emails. I’ll get to them soon, I promise.


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I had white rice covered in gravy for dinner.

And I’m getting a Kelly P fix as we speak. Well, through AIM at least. So, it’s a pseudo fix. Heehee.

I’m a dork.

Okay. Good night.

Please PRAY FOR/THINK ABOUT/SEND GOOD LUCK TO me tomorrow!! Details soon, hopefully.

Good night for real.

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