I’ve officially decided that I love Fisher Price’s Little People. They’re cute, and their DVDs and videos keep Aidan occupied for a nice amount of time. Say all you want about “electronic babysitters,” but I was able to put some laundry in the washer (desperately needed, let me tell you) and get things ready for small group tonight. And when I say “small,” I mean small. I think we’re going to have a tiny turnout tonight. *sniffle* But, looking on the bright side, there will be pizza there, so that’s good. Heh. I was also able to change clothes and now I’m going to go and try to clean the family room before I head out.

So, last night, I got to witness my son have his first kiss with another little girl. I was laughing too hard to be disturbed, but now I am! I mean, I know they’re very young (she was 2) and stuff, but they seemed to REALLY LIKE kissing each other!! Her dad was freaking out: “Abby! Abby, stop it! Abby, stop kissing!”

Random Fact: My hands smell April fresh right now. (I spilled fabric softener on myself).

And wow. Lindsay Lohan can sing!!! I like her more and more.

Okay. I’m just babbling now. Time to get back to work. Later! :)

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