I *think* I can sort of relax now. Holy cow, it’s already after 11. Closer to midnight, actually. This LJ client updates the time automatically, though, so it’s going to post after midnight.

Thanks to Chris, most of the cleaning got done before I even made it home today. He did the floors, the bathrooms, the kitchen, the vacuuming, the laundry. All I had to do was clean the island, the kitchen table, and the half wall. All three of which I totally did not put effort into at all. So they’re all still kind of messy. I hope Ivy doesn’t mind. I did put effort into the toilets and they look awesome.

I even cleaned out my car. I never understood how people’s cars could get so messy. Until I had one of my own. The things that get strewn around in there! Shoes, socks, water bottles, jackets, books, blankets, Aidan’s toys, hair pieces, trash. Eww. My car also had a bath Tuesday night–it’s first one since May 14th. That’s pretty bad. Next time I’m getting the expensive treatment; the one with the wax and stuff. :D

I’m just now realizing how bright headlights are. I had that film of dirt on my back windshield and on my rearview mirror for so long, it was dimming those lights shining into the back of my car. Stupid big trucks trying to bully me into speeding so *I* can be the one to get caught and get a ticket in the construction zone and have to pay DOUBLE the fines. I don’t think so.

Seriously. People drive like nincompoops anymore. I HATE the stretch of I-270 West between SR161 and SR315. It’s scary. Those people are hardcore on that highway, and all the merges. Ugh, and some of the motorists are just plain rude. Not fun at all.

I’m pretty tired, but I have to be up early tomorrow to get Ivy. She gets in at 7:40am. I wonder if she’ll be tired. I’m imagine so.

I still feel like there are a million things to do, but I don’t think there are. Well, there are things to do which involve my being creative. I need to update my photo album desperately. I have so many pictures that I haven’t even downloaded. I want to make a new layout for my domain. I want to answer/deal with all of the emails in my inbox. All 28 of them. Man. That’s crazy.

I have phone calls to return. And I’m so bloody tired. Ack. THANK GOD for vacations.

So yeah. That O.C. special tonight? Nice. Although, I hear them talk about how much they love their jobs and stuff… and I wonder how they got to be so lucky. Of course, I know it’s not all luck. But still. Why do some people get to have jobs they LOVE and others have to do jobs they hate? How is this fair? :( But, I kept reminding myself not to be jealous of them. Not to compare my life to theirs. God has different plans for me. Unique ones. And I can’t compare myself to them because it’s not fair to me. There are reasons I’m not the famous actress I dreamed of being when I was in high school. Oh, who am I kidding? I still dream of it! The point I’m trying to make is that I need to work on my writing.

I repeat.


Dang it.

Adam Brody is still hot, though. Heh.

Maxim is a naughty magazine. I mean, it’s almost like Playboy. Except Playboy has better articles. Actually, I wouldn’t know anymore, as I no longer read Playboy. But when I did, I enjoyed the articles. I liked the magazine, but got annoyed by all the nude women in it. I mean, in MY opinion, a lot of it wasn’t very tasteful nudity. I don’t mind tasteful nudity. But some of that–never mind. I don’t even need to go there tonight. Or anytime, actually.

Okay, approxiamately 23947398 people just signed onto AIM. There must be something about that midnight hour….

I have to get to bed. Ivy will be here in fewer than 8 hours and I need my beauty rest. ;) G’night!

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