Pieces of Heaven 09.30.04

1. Spending a week with one of my best friends.
2. Making Aidan giggle.
3. Glazed lemon rounds.
4. Perfect autumn weather.
5. Spaghetti & homemade pizza calzones.

I stole this from sylvehr! Woo-Hoo!

What scar are you most proud of? None of them, really.

What’s your favorite condiment? A1

Do you have freckles? Tiny ones.

What’s your preferred method of cooking? Having someone else do it.

What shoes are you wearing? None. But my socks have ducks on them.

Who was the first person you ever french kissed? Adam Frank. Heh.

What’s your preferred breed of dog? Petite Basset Griffon Vondeon (sp)

Where were you were born? Cleveland Ohio

What color underwear are you wearing? Pink & red!

Where are your keys right now? On the bottom stair.

What’s your opinion of airline food? All I’ve ever had was the SKY MIX and it was okay.

What cosmetic surgery you would consider? Tummy tuck.

When did you last get laid? …

Where’s the most interesting place you’ve had sex? I plead the 5th. :)

What’s been your worst ever injury or illness? I think the kidney stone I am currently fighting.

Can you can sing well? Sometimes.

What would your olympic event be? Gymnastics!

Name someone you admire: *sigh*

Which country would be hardest for you to locate on a map? I don’t know.

Which part of the Sunday paper do you read first? I don’t read the paper.

What languages do you speak? English.

In what religion you were raised? Well, there were Christian undertones in the household, but I didn’t really accept Christ til I got to college, I think. Then I accepted Him again in 2002 or something like that. It’s weird, my testimony.

Can you can draw well? Nope.

What’s your favorite photograph? I have so many, I can’t possibly choose!

All I have to say to that is… WOW. *shakes head* That was an actual ad from AOL or something. Sad.

Alright. Time to go tend to my little one. Later! :)

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