Month: October 2004

Another Weird Day (Pictures)

What a weird week. I’m not the only one complaining about it, either. So many of us are like “wha…?”

Church was today. I got up and made it to Sunday school. Good for me. Then there was service. Emily yoimemily was there. I was hoping she’d be there. She’s so fun. She sat by me. :) WOOHOO! I got lots of compliments on my sweater. :D

After service, I asked Tony to take a pic of Bizzy otaku_witch and me together.

I adore her new haircut.

THEN, I got a hug from Mr. Matt. Those of you who know him realize this is huge stuff. But it happened.

After church, a bunch of us went to lunch at BW… well, it’s not BW3 anymore. Well, whatever. We ate there. Jen H was given the new name of “The Bomb Diddley” by Joshua, and Theresa was given the name “Dude” by Steve. Good times. I ran my errands afterwards and also went a little quite a bit crazy in Barnes & Noble. Bought all three Aria CDs (the guy took so much time looking for 1 & 2 that I’d have felt bad if I hadn’t bought them), and the Wanda Sykes book. It is HILARIOUS already. Then we took Aidan trick or treating in Craig’s neighborhood, then I came here and burned CDs for my mommy in law.

Ok, so it doesn’t sound so weird when it’s written. But I assure you, today was not normal. Not in my heart.

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E che volete voi che mi conforte
In cosi dura sorte
In cosse gran martire
Lasciatemi morire

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Saturday Afternoon

My Happy Hour at Origins was fun. Everyone should try to win one! Since I was the only one who showed up, I got all the special treatment. First, I cleansed my face with some neat products. Then I got a makeover! She also gave me a hand massage. There were cookies and tea, and I got a bag full of free samples. Anything I wanted! The girls were all complimenting me on how young I looked and how pretty my skin was/is. It was a great time. I was relaxed and happy and pampered. Oh, if only that were my life.

My errands of the day are done! Here’s the list:

[x] Chiropractor
[x] Ziebert to get new rear view mirror
[x] Fill up gas tank
[x] Oil change
[x] Car wash

I’m so proud of myself. And my car is all shiny and pretty now. I got the GOOD car wash, with the wax and stuff. Just biding time til I get the bomb detail job.

Wishlist for my car

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Protected: Wow.

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Let’s Get It Started! (Pictures)

– Hanging out at Easton with itskels and adorable Ari for the evening. <3!
– Watching Shania Twain’s Live In Chicago DVD at top volume with my mother-in-law.
– Loving my “new” printer.
– Downloading “Let’s Get It Started” by Black Eyed Peas. Now I can hear it whenever I want!!
– Smelling like lavendar and camomile.

– Having weird feelings about certain people.
– Insecurity.
– Still needing to unpack.
– Clean clothes and dirty clothes being mixed up due to lack of unpacking and/or putting away clothing.
– Aidan STILL being up!!!

I spent the evening with Kelle Belle and her precious daughter Ari. That was fun. She said she’s never going shopping with me again because I am a bad influence. All because I told her to smell the Alfred Sung Shi perfume and she liked it so much she bought some for herself. I can’t wait to hang out with her again. :)

She’s gonna hate me. But she looks so cute, and I look like such a dork, so it’s great.

OH! As promised! Pictures of Aidan in his Halloween costume!

And for those of you asking what I got at Prada:

Yup, yup. And so on and so forth. Hey, all you local gals!! I have a Happy Hour thingy tomorrow at Origins at Easton at 2pm. PLEASE join me. It’s free and supposed to be totally cool. So please come if you’d like. Just say you’re with me. :)

Alrighty then. I’m going to go and answer some emails and other stuff. Maybe print out some stuff because ya know, I have this sweet printer now. Later!

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