SO, I went out and bought The Sims 2. Stupid me bought the DVD version instead of the CD version (on the recommendation of the sales guy at Best Buy) and it runs like poop on both of my computers. Soooo… I am going to try to exchange it today for the CD version. I have a feeling that will run a lot smoother.

Despite its poopiness, I managed to play the dang game for THREE hours last night. Time flies when playing The Sims. Gah. Like I needed yet ANOTHER distraction from my writing!

I got Aidan 2 new Little People DVDs. I was going crazy over the other one. I practically have the thing memorized back and forth. It was time for a change for all parties involved.

The plan is to go shopping with Chad and Christy today. Well, it will be a “returning and exchanging” spree for me. Aidan and I didn’t wake up until 11:30 which was nice since I’d stayed up so late playing those darn Sims. Now he’s happy and cleaning Chris’s computer screen. He knows how to blow his nose! It’s so cute! And he repeats almost everything I tell him too. I love to get him to say PO-TA-TO! Awww. My little boy’s a sweetheart.

I got a parking ticket on Thursday. The wait for Ivy’s bus to take off took longer than the 45 minutes I’d put on the meter. Now I owe the city $20. Bugger.

When I went shopping with Ivy on Tuesday, I saw the CUTEST pair of Uggs at Nordstrom. I WANT THEM. Not because they are trendy or expensive. I want them because THEY WILL BE THE ONLY PAIR OF BOOTS TO KEEP MY BLOODY FEET WARM COME WINTER TIME!

So, Chris is out of town this weekend. What to do, what to do? Hmmm. Heh.

Later, gators.

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