I just ate dinner and dessert. I was also bad and had a Capri-Sun. Dang it, I’m tired of water all the time. I’ve drank–I don’t even know how much water I’ve drank over the past seven or eight days. It’s been insane. Lots and lots of water. I like drinking it during work, though. It’s easy to do and it tastes yummy there. But at home, I just want ONE cup of punch or Kool-Aid or something. I’m CRAVING sweet drinks, you have no clue. Bah.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow evening. Chris is taking Aidan shopping, so that means freedom for me. Not sure what I will do. Sleep? Write? Catch up on email? Immerse myself in The Sims 2? Call up some girlfriends and hang out or something? Shop (all by myself?) Play Scrabble against that destestable Maven? Hmmm. The possibilities!

(I SHOULD write. In fact, I will not allow myself to do anything fun unless I write at least 3-5 pages tomorrow. Let me tell you why this is sad. Writing IS fun to me. I love it. But it’s also very hard work. Don’t let anyone ever tell you it’s easy. If they do, then they’re telling you a BIG FAT BALD-HEADED GREASY LIE.)

I just remember two cool things from Tuesday night. After The Grove, this guy named Brandon put his hat on me. It was this sweet fedora. I looked awesome in it. I got so many compliments, and two people told me I looked like Paula Abdul. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard that. Believe me when I say that being told I look like her does not make me sad. I don’t think I do (look like Paula Abdul), by the way. But it’s still nice to hear.

Then, at Steak N Shake, Tami told me that she wished I’d called her and told her about my kidney stone, because she would have dropped everything and come over to help me out. Is that an awesome friend or what?

Work should be fairly easy. My TO DO list is done! I just need to update some attendance records. The staff meeting for tomorrow was cancelled (HOORAY!), so I don’t have that to worry about. And I packed my lunch. That yummy turkey and that yummy bread and SUN CHIPS, baby. Mmmhmmm. Lots of candy too. I can’t get enough of Twix and 3 Musketeers lately for some reason. Man, I love chocolate. Speaking of chocolate, here is reason number 34872334 why Tyler is weird: He doesn’t like candy or cherries. WTH?

Okay, okay. Lots of people don’t like candy. But cherries? akjfklafjdkld!!!

Mmm, yes. I should go to bed now and quit being a silly butt. Good night!

Edited to Add: I can hear Chris’s snoring all the way in here. For those of you who have been to my house, you’ll know that’s kind of sad. I can’t wait til Tuesday, when his sleep apnea fixing machine arrives.

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