Day: October 11, 2004


Will someone please inform my husband that when he says he’s going to do laundry, that means he has to DRY the clothes as well? And then remove the dry, clean clothes from the dryer and put them into laundry baskets? Let me add IN A TIMELY MANNER, as in, sometime within the same 24 hours that the clothes were washed and dried in?

I went to do my LONG OVERDUE pile of laundry, and now I definitely won’t be able to finish until at least Wednesday because I found some damp, stinky clothes in the washer. They have to be washed again. GRR. This is the 2nd time in 2 weeks this has happened.

In addition, there are some dry clothes in the dryer–who knows how long they’ve been in there?


(Maybe he’ll listen to one of you, because he surely doesn’t listen to me:

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