Small group was amazing tonight–one of the best ones I’ve been to. Kelly P talked about Philosophy and God. I had to thank her more than once. It was very interesting. I want her to lead again, and soon. I really, really enjoyed listening to her.

We baked cookies for Kairos, a prison ministry. Our young adult pastor’s father is the head of it. He gives cookies to prisoners and I believe he ministers to him. We made sugar and chocolate chip. It was fun, a great time of fellowship and just yummy feelings all around. (And yummy broken cookies, too).

So, when Ivy was here, she told us that it’s physically impossible to eat a teaspoon of cinnamon without getting sick. Naturally, no one believes her until they try it. So Kelly had said she was going to do it, but Chris ended up doing it. Luckily, we had the trash can right in front of him. He puked immediately. Everyone laughed and Tyler took a picture. (Kelly told him he was mean). Garth was trying so hard not to laugh, but Chris, in the midst of puking, said “I don’t care if you laugh!” So, we did.

I think I left my cinnamon at Garth’s. I’m sure Chris doesn’t mind.

The small group was really great tonight. It was intimate and relaxed. No one felt intimidated and everyone was excited about the subject and about the cookies. It was a great setting. I love my small group, by the way. Did I ever mention that? Let me say it again. More loudly this time.


So, during group, Tyler mentioned gas prices and said the Speedway was charging only $1.84 a gallon. (The BP was charging $2.07 a gallon). So, he left a bit earlier than we did. Craig, Chris and I left at the same time and all of us pulled into Speedway. Not even two minutes later, Garth pulled in to get gas. It was quality!

My friends are awesome. I truly love them.

Tomorrow, I go and get my windshield repaired. WOOHOO. Pray that I don’t need a replacement. That’s $500 I don’t want to put on the now clear credit card. I also get an evaluation at the chiropractors. Pray that goes well. If it does, then I’ll be down to only 30 more days of 3 times a week!

BUGGER. It’s already after midnight. Alright. Good night, kiddies.

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