Tomorrow is The Grove Leadership Advance. I was driving this morning and finally understood why it was called an Advance. See, most things like that are called Retreats. But we aren’t meeting to find out how to retreat. We’re trying to find ways to make the young adult ministry grow. Thus, Advance. Pastor Mike is clever. :)

And I am a dork.

I didn’t think I’d get there until late, but Craig has come through again. So, I get to be there pretty close to on time, as long as traffic is okay. I’m looking forward to learning and sharing. I think it’s going to be very nice.

So, tomorrow, my day looks like this:

Work 730-4
Aidan 5pm (commute 45 minutes)
Chiro 6pm (commute 1 hr)
Craigs 630pm
Leadership Advance 7ish

Had a good evening. I didn’t get to bed until 1:30 this morning, so I was happy to hear Aidan’s grandmother report that he hadn’t taken a nap today. The drive home was slow thanks to some truck, and I didn’t mind because I had a feeling Aidan would fall asleep. HE DID! He was out, and so I took a nap with him. Then we watched Strongbad and looked at pictures until Chris got home. Now Aidan is downstairs watching Little People with Chris, and I’m going to take a bath and then take my laptop into my room to write, I think.

So. I have a question. Especially for you hard core travelers (ie Kelly P). I want to take my laptop to Vegas on the plane. I know I’m allowed a carryon, but are they weird about cables and stuff? Say I want to listen to my iPod and hook it up to my computer. Will they freak out about that? I guess I should read up on it.

I have a piece of pretty blue luggage thanks to Katie M. I’ve only packed some socks and a few toiletries so far, though. I have to get on that Saturday. Perhaps pick up a new little somethin-somethin. :) I definitely need 35mm film. Greg got me a fanny pack, so I may use that for my cameras. Yes, I will surely have multiples.

Randomness II album updated again with pictures from Lake Hope and some pretty trees as well. :) Newest pictures on the last pages. Other albums in progress. YAY. I love pictures.

Okay, bath and bedtime for me. Chris has taken Aidan duty, which I am not sure is such a good thing. He gave Aidan a red popsicle and now Aidan is beyond hyper. He’s going nuts with his mower, and Chris had to confiscate his Little People pumpkin because he was throwing it. That kid has an arm!

Good night!

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