Grove Leadership Advance pt 2 went amazingly well. I enjoyed the prayer and learning and fellowship and the food. Mike Borst and his wife are the best. WOOHOO.

This morning, I dropped my car off at the windshield place. Then Chris dropped me at Bob Evans, where I met Tami. We had breakfast. It was so awesome to connect with her again. It had been so long since we’d hung out. She took me to the Advance, and again, it was amazing. Afterwards, she and I talked some more and she took me to get my car. The glass is fixed, but there is no rearview mirror! It broke and now we have to wait for another one. In the meantime, I’m still able to drive the car. It’s weird not having a mirror, though.

Not sure of the point of this entry. Oh yeah. To reiterate how much I love my friends. So, I’m sending a special shoutout to the following people I saw this weekend:
Tami, Kelly P, Tyler, Garth, and Kim. A special thanks to The Craigerator for watching Aidan and making it possible for me to attend the entire Advance.

I’m sleepy. Yes, sleepy. Of course I am. You can see what time I was up posting. I was up at 7:30am.

I think we’re going to dinner with Chad and Christy later tonight, and then, who knows. If you want to hang out, gimme a call! I’m open for just about anything. YAY!


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