Day: October 17, 2004


So much for my halfway decent mood. My iPod’s broken. Figures, right?
$350 I paid for that thing and IT’S ALREADY BROKEN. What the hell?????????
I guess I won’t have music on the plane. This pisses me off. You have no idea.

(Conveniently, I think my protection plan thingy has JUST run out too. Typical.)

It’s fixed. :-D

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I’m Off!

Well folks, this is it (for now). Church, then to Aurora to stay with Mommy for the night. Then tomorrow, I’m off to VEGAS! WOOHOO!
I’m trying to get a few last minute things done before I head off to church, ’cause I think we’ll be leaving straight from there and lunch to head North. We’ll see, I suppose.

I have net access in the hotel room, so I’ll try to stay current on my updates. In the meantime, I’ll miss you all. :) Bye for now!

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