As you may have figured out, the internet access in our room did not work. So, I’m typing up the accounts of my trip in Word, saving it, and will transfer it to Live Journal later. The current date is Oct 18, 2004. Well, it is in Vegas, anyway. At home, it’s already Tuesday. Weird. (I figured it out. Not really, I asked the front desk).

Anyway, here goes.

Las Vegas

The flight out was nice. We got a late start, so we departed about 5:15 instead of 5:00. They played Spiderman 2, but me, being the cheapie I am, decided to forgo the $5 cost of the headphones and listen to my iPod for the duration of the flight. We had hot chicken sandwiches for dinner. They also gave us Fritos, M&Ms, and carrots too. It was okay. The M&Ms were the best part.

I slept for some of the flight, played on my laptop for some, and read for a bit as well. Greg was going nuts on the flight and having nicotine fits. The flight was about 4 hours, way too long for someone who loves to smoke. When we flew over Colorado, the mountains were incredible. They are absolutely beautiful.

When we got to Vegas, I could see the strip from the airplane. It was just starting to get dark, so the lights were starting to really show. It’s amazing. Just like on TV. :) I took my cell phone out and was thrilled to see that the time had updated itself to Vegas time. Now, I didn’t have to set my watch! We took a cab to the hotel, where I started to hook up my computer. Mommy flipped out and said “I didn’t pay all this money and come all this way for you to be holed up on the computer!” She was snapping at Greg too. Not sure what the problem was, but whatever. She chilled out later.

We went down to the casino, and I got one of those cards you stick in a machine. The lady also gave me some Mardi Gras beads. Greg gave me some money to put in the Deuces Wild poker game. I royally suck at poker, and I put a lot of pressure on myself in casinos because this is REAL MONEY I’m playing with; not some Playstation game, ya know? I got mad when I kept losing. Especially since Greg was hitting left and right. A waitress came to take our drink orders. Oh my Lord. The outfits those girls were wearing. So NOT CUTE. My gosh. I can’t imagine working and walking around and expecting to be taken seriously in those kinds of clothes. Honestly, I wish I could have taken pictures. Not just of them, but of all the other neat decorations and things they had up. (edited to add: I did sneak and take a few. Naughty, naughty!)

Dinner was prime rib, English Style, at the Prime Rib Loft. YUMMMMMY. But very late. I was nearly falling asleep at the table. But I was hungry and the food was very good. Greg got up and went to the bathroom and to game some more. Mommy and I finished, she paid, and we went to find Greg. I gamed some more, lost more money, then Greg gave me $10. I played that, won about $3 and decided to stop. I am so stingy with the dang one cent and five cent machines. I can’t see myself playing those big time games!

Not sure what is on the agenda tomorrow. Ha, ha. Tomorrow. The clock in my computer says 2:12am, but it’s only 11:12pm here. Awesome. Alrighty then. Good night for now. :)

I woke up this morning to Mommy saying “it’s almost ten, let’s go get some breakfast.” Now, the last time I’d been awake was 5am Vegas time, so I was gobsmacked at how quickly time was going. Then I woke up and noticed that the clock said 6:51am. Mommy is working on Ohio time, and we’re running on that time now.

The breakfast buffet was YUMMY. For the first trip, I had bacon, grits, and a waffle with strawberries and whipped cream. THEN I had a peach crepe and more bacon. Yummy. We were going to take the shuttle, but it wasn’t ready for another hour. So we played some games; Monopoly, Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune and a few penny machines. And promptly got our butts kicked. I’m so glad I’ve only gambled about $4 of my own money. Although I feel badly about losing all of my mommy’s money. :)

We took the shuttle to one of the sister hotels, and promptly made our way to The Bellagio. Still operating on Ohio time, we were puzzled as to why the shops were not open yet. I was itching, ITCHING, to get into Tiffany and Prada. We went into the casino and got some of those gambling cards, and by the time we made our way back out to the stores, they were open!

Mommy spoiled the banana out of me. Not only did she get me a necklace, she got me the matching bracelet!!!! She said this is most of my Christmas. As if I mind. AS IF I MIND, I mean, HELLO. I look so cute in my new jewelry. The lady was so nice. I was going to buy the cleaners–one for me, one for mommy, but the lady gave it to us for free.

Then I went to Prada, where I was really naughty (hee hee), and then we went through the casino to the Forum Shops. OH MY GOSH. I was good, though. :) I used the GAP gift card Chris gave me and got a sweater and a cute hat. But all the designer stores. Amazing.

Mommy and I had lunch at Planet Hollywood. The waiter was so cute, and he’d come to the table when Mommy was in the bathroom. When she came back, I told her we had a cute waiter. When he came back, she said “You’re right, he IS cute.” I was so embarrassed, and he was totally blushing. I had a BBQ bacon cheeseburger and fries. Yummy.

After lunch, we went to Harrah’s, and then we headed back here. Greg gave me some more money. I might game some more, but I’d rather use it to SHOP. I did get some gifts for people so far, but I’m surely not done yet. YAY.

So far, today has been the most fun. My favorite part of the day was Tiffany.

I snuck and took some pictures, and Erin (celinedion)! The Celine Dion store! OH MY GOODNESS. I want to go there with you someday. I thought about you SO MUCH when I was in there. And did you know they have Celine Dion playing chips?


Guess what! I’m on the internet. It’s 11:21 Ohio time, so that means 8:21pm here. If my parents knew, they’d kill me because I’m using the modem and it costs 75 cents. No matter, I’ll be HAPPY to give them the 75 cents to access the phone line, ha ha. I missed my internet! I really hate not being plugged in.

Here is my recap of the evening:

Played MegaBucks slots. Won $45. Greg gave me $30 of it. Greg gave me lots of money actually. He gave me a $20 and told me to get him a Diet Pepsi from the gift shop and keep the change. And he gave me $10 out of nowhere. And lots and lots of quarters. Good times, good times.

Ate dinner at Bally’s. Was not impressed. Went to see the water show at Bellagio. It was cancelled due to weather. I was so bummed! But I got a kick out of the toilet in the bathroom that wouldn’t stop flushing. I almost took a picture, but they fixed it before I got the chance. I took lots of pictures of the strip,though–it really is so pretty at night. And I am enjoying, totally enjoying, my new jewelry. :)

Tomorrow’s plan is to go to M&M world, MGM Grand, the All-You-Can-Eat Steak buffet here (eat your heart out, Tyler!) for dinner.

To all my friends: I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH, but I am having fun out here. If only the entire town wasn’t like an ashtray, though. I totally reek of smoke. I could never live here. But vacationing? I’m okay with that.

Quote of the Day:

Greg: Hey, did you notice this bed is kind of like, fucked up?

(I can absolutely say that about my hair. It never acts right when I go on vacation).

Alright. I’m gonna go before they come up here and catch me on the computer–worse yet, on the phone!
I’ll try to update again on Thursday or so. I miss you guys!

Later, gators!

Signing off at 8:45pm, PST. So weird.

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