Day: October 23, 2004

My Last Day!

We check out at noon. The flight leaves at around 3pm. We arrive in Cleveland at about 10pm. Another 4 hours on a plane, then I’ll be almost home. Official home doesn’t happen til tomorrow, when Chris gets me to take me back to Columbus/Pataskala. So, I’ll miss church. I’ll probably be tired anyway and want to sleep.

I’m tired now, It’s 9:30am PST, and I’m thinking a short nap will need to happen. Let’s hope housekeeping doesn’t decide to clean the room. But then, that’s what Do Not Disturb signs are for. :) I think I may have to utilize it.

Vegas was a good time. Again, I can’t wait to come back with a couple of girlfriends and just kind of party it up. Or at least have some quality “girly-time.” Any takers? :) Kristie, I already got your memo; of course you’re invited! :)

Just so you know, dial-up sucks. I keep getting kicked off and I have a feeling that they’re charging me 75 cents to dial out again every single time. Fart knockers. I can’t wait to get back to broadband. :)

Alright. Nappy time. Later, folks.

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The Future….

Things I Want To Do Next Time I Come To Vegas:

1. Stay in a hotel on the strip (preferably the MGM Grand).
2. See the Bellagio water show at night.
3. Eat dinner in the Bellagio.
4. Go to the Palms’ clubs.
5. Get an aqua massage.
6. Try an Oxygen Bar.
7. See a show (O, or Celine, or We Will Rock You).
8. Visit the Stratosphere.
9. See more of the strip at night.
10. Play more slot machines. :)

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