Day: October 25, 2004

A Question

I was told today by a friend that I am very transparent. That my feelings show through on my face in a very obvious manner. Those of you who know me in “real life,” (or who have at least met me) please answer me. Is this true? Can you read everything I’m feeling and thinking? Can you tell that I have secrets, and if so, what they are? Leave me a message here and let me know….

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Temper Tantrum

Aidan is throwing his first real live temper tantrum. I’m talking banging his head against things, jumping, screaming, stomping, kicking, just having a right fit. All because I gently took a marker from him that he was using to mark up the door and floor. He’s FURIOUS over such a little thing. I’m just ignoring him as advised. Please Lord let this pass soon.

Seriously. All this over a marker? I can think of bigger things to be pissed off about!

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