My Happy Hour at Origins was fun. Everyone should try to win one! Since I was the only one who showed up, I got all the special treatment. First, I cleansed my face with some neat products. Then I got a makeover! She also gave me a hand massage. There were cookies and tea, and I got a bag full of free samples. Anything I wanted! The girls were all complimenting me on how young I looked and how pretty my skin was/is. It was a great time. I was relaxed and happy and pampered. Oh, if only that were my life.

My errands of the day are done! Here’s the list:

[x] Chiropractor
[x] Ziebert to get new rear view mirror
[x] Fill up gas tank
[x] Oil change
[x] Car wash

I’m so proud of myself. And my car is all shiny and pretty now. I got the GOOD car wash, with the wax and stuff. Just biding time til I get the bomb detail job.

– keyless entry ($219.00)
– full detail ($149.00)
– silver license plate frame ($7.99)
– a name!! my car needs a name!!! any suggestions??!?!?!?
– paint repair on back bumper and on front bumper
– scratch repair on trunk
– sunroof? (didn’t even bother to price those, this is a pipe dream)

I need to go to Target and pick up a couple of things. But that’s fun, so I don’t really consider it an errand. I adore that store.

– headphones
– face powder

Told ya it was a couple.

DOH. I still have to make a doctor’s appointment because I’m out of refills on my meds. And I’m on my last pair of contacts; better order some more of those too. Don’t even get me thinking about Christmas shopping. Very little of that has been completed.

– Final synopsis and query critique
– Order print cartridges from eBay
– Buy paper
– Buy something that I don’t remember now….

Jen*Jen wants me to come to Chicago the weekend of November 20th. The Mile of Lights will feature Mickey Mouse. I <3 him!!!! The cheapest doable flight is American Airlines 693, nonstop, for $167. Or I could fly out the morning of November 20th for $165 on US Airways flight 8389 or 6620. I probably won't go. I'd love to go and see her sometime soon. I want to see her place and meet her friends and just spend some time with her, ya know? But I've already spent an insane amount of money this year, so I probably won't have extra to pay for the plane ticket. Wah. There is the cutest set of Mickey Mouse luggage at! I want it. It's only $99!! Look at this! I could deal with this too: Only $59. Luggage is cool, and I need a new computer case. Well, I guess mine does the job. I just want another one….

The clasp came apart! I can’t wear it, because it might fall off. It’s no longer secure. Grr. At least I can wear the bracelet, though.

From their site:

How do I get an item repaired?

We repair items made by Tiffany & Co. Please bring your item to the Tiffany store nearest you or send your item, via an insured method, directly to:

Tiffany & Co.
Customer Service Department
727 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10022

Please provide contact information and a detailed description of what is wrong with the item. You will be sent detailed information and the fee estimate after an assessment has been made.

I have to pay to get it fixed??????!?!?!? jkaklfjlafflafjfl. I’ve only had the dang thing a week and a half. WTF?

Chris wants to light the fire in the backyard (did I mention we have a firepit now?) and invite some folks over to hang out. I told him to go for it. I can’t make any promises that I’ll be exactly social, though. I’m still in my crankybitchynotsurewhatthehelltodowithmyself mood, so I’ll probably hide out up here if people come over. Which I doubt. I think everyone hates me this week, and can I blame them? Heh. I know it’s not true. They don’t hate me. But whatever.

Ronni: you rock
Ronni: hard core
Andy: nah
Ronni: yup
Andy: no
Ronni: don’t make me cuss
Andy: ok
Ronni: :D

Aria makes pretty music. You should download Arianna, Ebben, Addio, and Ave Maria because I said so.

I’m hungry. I want a cheeseburger. And tator tots. OOO, a pizza burger!! YES. A pizza burger and tator tots. That would elevate my mood slightly. As does printing on my “new” printer. You know, now that I have that printer, I have no excuses to not start sending off queries and stuff. Eep.

Alright. Enough of my foolishness. I want a nap. NOW. So I’m off. Good night. :) I mean, afternoon. Er… bye.

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