What a weird week. I’m not the only one complaining about it, either. So many of us are like “wha…?”

Church was today. I got up and made it to Sunday school. Good for me. Then there was service. Emily yoimemily was there. I was hoping she’d be there. She’s so fun. She sat by me. :) WOOHOO! I got lots of compliments on my sweater. :D

After service, I asked Tony to take a pic of Bizzy otaku_witch and me together.

I adore her new haircut.

THEN, I got a hug from Mr. Matt. Those of you who know him realize this is huge stuff. But it happened.

After church, a bunch of us went to lunch at BW… well, it’s not BW3 anymore. Well, whatever. We ate there. Jen H was given the new name of “The Bomb Diddley” by Joshua, and Theresa was given the name “Dude” by Steve. Good times. I ran my errands afterwards and also went a little quite a bit crazy in Barnes & Noble. Bought all three Aria CDs (the guy took so much time looking for 1 & 2 that I’d have felt bad if I hadn’t bought them), and the Wanda Sykes book. It is HILARIOUS already. Then we took Aidan trick or treating in Craig’s neighborhood, then I came here and burned CDs for my mommy in law.

Ok, so it doesn’t sound so weird when it’s written. But I assure you, today was not normal. Not in my heart.

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