SOMEBODY get me out of the iTunes Music Store before I go broke! I LOVE that place. OOoo. Free downloads every week, and songs for 99 cents. It reminds me of when I was younger and used to buy singles like they were going out of style.

Andy should be here in about 40 minutes or so. He said he’s taking me to Best Buy for my birthday present. Speaking of my birthday, everyone is making a huge deal out of this one. I guess it is a huge deal (for some). Oh, who am I kidding? It’s a huge deal for me. So, I think a party will probably ensue. That’s kind of scary. But should be fun. Game night, good food, hanging out with my friends. It should be good.

Gosh. Christmas is in just a bit over a month and I have done very little shopping. Just some clothes and a watch for Aidan, and a couple of things for Chris. I have ideas of what I want to get people, but I haven’t put any of it in play yet. Who wants to come Christmas shopping with me? Leave me a comment and we’ll make plans!

Alright. Off to shower.

Sidenote: Why is my son sitting quietly in his infant swing? He’s enjoying it too. Weird.

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